Monday, September 19, 2016 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Louis Public Radio:  National money and local action may be crucial in Missouri’s U.S. Senate contest

KC Star:  Obama wants more refugees to come to U.S.;  Sam Graves wants to stop them

This Week in Missouri Politics:  Guest Dave Schatz;  Panel of Eddy Justice, Danny Pfeifer, Angela Bingaman, Sam Gladney talks Koster-Greitens, voter ID and gun bill

John Combest’s book on Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – free preview via Amazon’s “Look inside” feature

Excerpt from John Combest’s book, via Amazon: “I take one last look at my youngest daughter, nestled in Mommy’s arms in the hospital bed, blissfully unaware of what Daddy is dealing with. My daughter is two days old and was just subjected to her first online attack. Collateral damage of a strike aimed at me.”

Excerpt from John Combest’s book, via Amazon: “Chris created an anonymous ‘Mobile Payment News Service’ website dedicated to harassing …”

KTVI (St. Louis):  Post Scripts:  Fox 2’s John Brown alleges that lobbyists might be paying lawmakers in exchange for votes (3:10);  Tony Messenger on Nixon’s lack of engagement with both parties (1:30);  P-D’s Christopher Ave on the problem with term limits (3:20) (Segment 3)

P-D:  Columnist Tony Messenger to discuss politics at Post-Dispatch speaker series this Thursday night in Kirkwood

Kraske:  The Chat:  Ron Richard says Gov. Chris Koster would sign this year’s gun bill;  Jake Hummel on voter ID

Drebes:  Rep. Sheila Solon (R-Blue Springs) set to run for state Senate

Drebes:  Former GOP state Rep. Tony Dugger filed LLC paperwork in June

Missourinet:  Washington University sociology prof Jake Rosenfeld talks about study from liberal Economic Policy Institute explaining why businesses move to ‘right-to-work’ states

KWMU:  Livestock bill debate featured brief verbal battle between GOP Sens. Mike Parson and Rob Schaaf

Missourinet:  MO DHSS developing state plan involving Zika

CDT:  E-mails help pierce secrecy of University of Missouri presidential search;  Between five and nine candidates made the cut to be semifinalists

Columbia Missourian:  Censorship, free speech topics of two-day symposium;  University of Chicago prof says era of “political correctness” is rife with thinskin “trigger warnings” and “micro-aggressions”

KMOX:  Pattonville middle-schooler sets world record for largest afro;  North St. Louis County school district promotes achievement of avoiding barber for five (5) years

Washington Missourian editorial:  If Jamilah Nasheed doesn’t want to stand for the American flag, she should “find life in another country”

P-D op-ed:  Federal Highway Administration’s Gregory Nadeau:  St. Louis is key to nation’s freight future

P-D letter:  Millennial environmentalist thinks Nixon should use remaining political capital to push for Obama’s Clean Power Plan

P-D letter:  Chesterfield man opposes tobacco tax increase

P-D letter:  University City sexagenarian says she wants to know how much NRA paid to influence pro-gun legislators to vote for pro-gun legislation

P-D letter:  Wentzville sexagenarian dislikes Nasheed’s “child-like pouting,” suggests she be censured by the Senate

SE Missourian letter:  Scott City man says Nasheed’s American-flag grandstanding doesn’t deserve attention, writes a letter to the editor about it

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