Sunday, August 23, 2020 – Missouri political news headlines

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KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman and Bryan Lowry:  Political debate over USPS afflicting some rural Missourians with low-grade anxiety

JCNT:  Missouri receives access to additional unemployment benefit

P-D:  GOP councilman says Nicole Galloway audit was ‘political missile’ to benefit failed county exec campaign;  Galloway adviser Patrick Lynn calls Councilman Ernie Trakas “an idiot” (get around stltoday paywall here)

6/25/2020:  Washington Free Beacon:  Nicole Galloway silent after top adviser Patrick Lynn calls Gov. Parson an “illiterate hillbilly”

3/20/2020: St. Louis American Political Eye: Race-baiting specialist Patrick Lynn now has no one but local Republicans to amplify

KWMU:  Three churches in St. Louis region offering notaries for voters

Joplin Globe:  Missouri relaxes requirements to be substitute teacher

JCNT:  DESE lays out three-stage plan to address learning loss

KC Star:  Daily regional China virus update

SE Missourian:  Cape County adding about two dozen coronavirus cases each day

KC Star:  After beating death of Missouri boy, cousin asks:  ‘How many people called’ state hotline?

P-D:  After June rioting, downtown St. Louis became increasingly lawless:  Shootings, drag racing, open-market drug deals

KC Star:  About a month after Operation LeGend starts, some urban leaders criticize lack of success

KC Star:  Black Lives Matter march draws 75 to block traffic, yell

SE Missourian op-ed:  USDA Director Sonny Perdue:  Amid a pandemic, deploying rural broadband in Missouri is more important than ever

CDT op-ed:  Andy Waters:  Remembering Hank

P-D letter:  Ballwin sexagenarian says GOP’s Cleaner Missouri plan is “shameless and arrogant”

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