Friday, July 9, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith secures dredging grant for Semo Port

Columbia Missourian:  Liberal “Report for America” to partner with MU School of Journalism on “Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk” project, will fund 10 content creators

The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt warns KCPD budget reallocation violates law, will have ‘destructive, deadly consequences’

Missouri Independent:  Missouri joins coalition of states accusing Google of anti-competitive practices

SNL:  Missouri joins bipartisan lawsuit against Google

The Missouri Times:  Missouri establishes fund to aid firefighters with cancer

P-D:  Gov. Parson explains vetoes, says lawmakers should not single out specific agencies for pay raises

JCNT:  New state law serves up alcohol-to-go

KWMU:  Missouri medical cannabis sales rise to new heights as more dispensaries open

KC Star:  Mexical illegal alien, who worked on $10 million illegal Missouri marijuana farm, will serve years in prison

P-D:  Another Dept. of Corrections employee seeks payday from state, hires NAACP’s Nimrod Chapel;  Woman claims male officer put Styrofoam cup and oranges in his pants to simulate male genitalia, other unforgivable acts

The Missouri Times:  PSC denies Evergy applications to intervene in Ameren, Empire rate cases

Missouri Independent:  After winter storm, Evergy seeks to spread cost to customers over 15 years

KWMU:  Missouri inmates sew custom quilts for foster children

Missouri Independent:  Advocates of ‘no knock’ ban add new story to campaign;  St. Louis City family seeks payout from police, city government over drug-raid death

Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court to decide if remote testimony protects constitutional rights

SE Missourian:  No active COVID cases linked to delta variant in Cape County

KWMU:  So far, feds have sent only one “surge team” member to Missouri

SNL:  CDC epidemiologist arrives in Springfield as part of delta campaign rollout

Missouri Independent:  Biden Administration takes aim at Gov. Parson over feds’ door-to-door vaccine campaign

KC Star:  Gov. Parson’s comments on feds’ door-to-door campaign earn rebuke from Biden Administration

P-D:  State, regional China virus update

KC Star editorial:  AG Eric Schmitt flubs the facts and the law in new filing on KCPD funding

JCNT editorial:  Split decisions on utility legislation signings

P-D editorial:  Gov. Parson’s false claim that Biden seeks to ‘compel’ vaccinations could cost lives

KC Star editorial:  It’s time for Missourians to start masking up again

KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson pretends we should run for our lives – from one CDC epidemiologist

SNL op-ed:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith wrong on voting safeguards, should support taxpayer funding of political campaigns

P-D’s Tony Messenger:  Delta variant rollout throws Missouri a curveball amid summer vacations

KC Star letter:  Lee’s Summit sexagenarian expresses concern over what residents of other states think of Missourians’ approach to vaccines;  Independence septuagenarian blames vaccine resistance on “conservative alternative media network’s misinformation”

P-D letter:  Manchester septuagenarian wants Gov. Parson to “wear his ‘dang mask'”

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