Sunday, July 11, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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KC Star:  With majority of Missourians rejecting China virus vaccine, some health workers try new persuasion tool:  tears;  Springfield nurse:  “I’ve cried at work in the bathroom. I’ve cried in my car. I cry to my family.”

JCNT:  Missouri budget paves way for mental health stabilization centers

Missourinet:  Gov. Parson details reasons for vetoes on emissions, child advocate and lobbyist legislation

Missourinet:  Gov. Parson to sign higher education bill, which includes top priority for Mizzou football coach

KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson’s Bicentennial tour will make several stops in the area tomorrow

JCNT:  GOP lawmakers propose legislation they say would help fight racism, bigotry in school curriculum

KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske weekly schedule:  Monday – Jefferson County China virus update;  Wednesday – “Radio Resistance’s new episode”;  Friday – “acclaimed Ferguson poet”

JCNT editorial:  Vaccination incentives could help Missouri, but are no silver bullet

P-D’s Kevin McDermott:  The GOP broke Missouri, and it’s just going to keep getting worse

SNL op-ed:  League of Women voters sexagenarians:  Blunt and Hawley should support Democrats’ election legislation, and voters should rely upon nonpartisan groups like League of Women Voters for information

P-D’s Tony Messenger:  Dr. Alex Garza criticizes Gov. Parson over delta variant spread

KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman, Jeanne Kuang, others:  Missouri’s milquetoast leadership allowed delta variant to spread

KC Star letter:  Parkville sexagenarian expresses anger at Gov. Parson over COVID spread

P-D letter:  Maryland Heights sexagenarian says she will vote against Gov. Parson in 2024, an election in which he is not running

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