Monday, July 12, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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Washington Missourian:  Eric Greitens campaign rally draws 200 in Franklin County

Missouri Independent:  Jay Nixon plans to headline Clay County Democrat event, fueling U.S. Senate speculation;  Urban Dem consultant Rosetta Okohson dismisses white male candidates Nixon, Scott Sifton and Lucas Kunce, says Dems “need black women in the state to be able to get behind you and support you”

St. Louis Public Radio:  UMSL economics professor:  Missouri’s unemployment rate “the most important statistic” – and data is “very, very good after this pandemic”

P-D:  State struggling to fill frontline positions for foster care system

SNL:  Springfield-Greene County Health Department officials says “evangelicals” lead the way in declining China virus vaccine;  Vaccine campaign will also spend cash targeting minority community

St. Louis Public Radio:  State, regional China virus update

KC Star:  Daily Springfield hospital update

KC Star’s Derek Donovan:  Extra $300 unemployment handouts didn’t hurt Missouri workforce

Missouri Independent op-ed:  Author of “Shaping Public Opinion:  How Real Advocacy Journalism Should Be Practiced”:  List of complaints about Missouri policymakers, from Medicaid expansion to China virus to urban violence:  “How the ‘Show Me State’ fairs [sic]”

KC Star’s Lisa Guttierez:  China virus doesn’t discriminate:  “Old, young, healthy, and not-so-healthy can get the worst of it”

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