Tuesday, July 13, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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JCNT:  Missouri’s Jean Becker writes about George H.W. Bush post-presidency

St. Louis Public Radio:  Former state Rep. Betty Thompson (D-University City) dies at 81

JCNT:  Annual DHSS report on pregnancy-related deaths:  Women who choose to be fat and/or use drugs increase their likelihood of dying

The Missouri Times:  NFIB survey shows staffing shortages threaten small business survival;  Comments from NFIB Missouri Director Brad Jones

KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson praises Macon’s history on bicentennial tour

JCNT:  Bicentennial Bridge to receive state funds

Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson set to sign bills on school choice, police restraint techniques, gas tax hike

P-D:  Missouri gas tax set to rise in October after Gov. Parson puts signature on new law

Missourinet:  Missouri’s Medicaid expansion lawsuit case heads to Missouri Supreme Court today

Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court to hear Medicaid case today

JCNT:  Residents speak on critical race theory at board meeting

The Missouri Times:  Federal court’s opposition to pipeline could harm St. Louis region, Spire president says

KC Star:  Kevin Strickland is guilty, Missouri AG’s office says in rebuke of Jean Peters Baker’s (D) arguments

St. Louis Public Radio:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Jefferson County Health Department rep reports zero (0) confirmed cases of Delta variant in county

SNL:  State, regional China virus update

P-D:  State, regional China virus update

KWMU:  Regional China virus update

KC Star:  Regional China virus update

KC Star editorial:  Missouri AG wants to keep Kevin Strickland in prison

Washington Missourian editorial:  By declining China virus vaccine, majority of Missourians yield to “forces of ignorance and irrationality”

CDT op-ed:  State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick:  Start your scholarship search this summer

Missouri Independent op-d:  Phill Brooks:  The two sides of Bob Griffin

P-D op-ed:  Retired doctor:  Gov. Parson is a liar, and should appoint a state health director who will oppose his policy positions

The Missouri Times op-ed:  Gov. Parson should convene a board of inquiry prior to execution of triple-murderer Ernest Lee Johnson

St. Joseph News-Press’ Matt Hoffman:  Kevin Strickland held for decades on crime he didn’t commit

P-D letter:  Town and Country septuagenarian questions estimated cost of revamping DMV temporary-tags system

KC Star letter:  Columbia septuagenarian expresses anger that “supposed bastion of liberalism, Columbia” wasn’t planning to force children to wear masks at school

P-D letter:  Wildwood septuagenarian wants unvaccinated to be punished for their personal health decisions

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