Friday, July 23, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D’s Tony Messenger and Aisha Sultan: “The Chat Room”: Cori Bush promotional video series: Freshman Democrat answers question about how her “perspective change(s) the body politic in a positive way,” other hard-hitting inquiries

The Missouri Times: Missouri could get $500 million from opioid settlement

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri could get $500 million from opioid lawsuit settlement if cities sign on

P-D: Missouri’s share of painkiller settlement could top $500 million

Fox 2 (St. Louis): Hawley: “Rock hard science” needed before forcing mask mandates in schools

St. Louis Public Radio: Local nursing home patients’ group lobbies for “Essential Caregivers Act”

Missouri Independent: Missouri Supreme Court rules Medicaid expansion vote was constitutional

Missourinet: Missouri Supreme Court: August 2020 Medicaid expansion ballot measure was constitutional

The Missouri Times: Medicaid expansion measure did not violate state constitution, Missouri Supreme Court rules

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri Supreme Court revives Medicaid expansion in the state

SNL: State Supreme Court rules in favor of Medicaid expansion

KC Star: Missouri Supreme Court upholds Medicaid expansion

Missourinet: GOP bill, signed by Gov. Parson, creates new state park and historic site to honor heritage of freed slaves

JCNT: 78,000 enter vaccine lottery

The Missouri Times: 100,000 Missourians register for vaccine incentive program in first day

P-D: Missouri receives 100,000 entries to state vaccine incentive program – in less than a day

SE Missourian: 500,000 visit vaccine incentive website

KCMO Talk Radio (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Gov. Parson says he is “not a big fan” of incentive programs, but wants to move the needle on vaccinations

KSHB (Kansas City): Robert Knodell: Rhetoric against COVID-19 vaccines ‘a bunch of baloney’ (Link via

KC Star: Collection of tweets reacting to Missouri vaccine incentive programs Mostly unvaxxed KC rejects COVID mask mandate; “Local ‘journalists’ are only a clique of about 2 dozen and they mostly write to impress each other”

Joplin Globe: CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards enjoying national media campaign, says he has no regrets over telling vaccine critics to “shut up”

KC Star: Regional China virus update

KC Star: Springfield region China virus update

SNL: Regional China virus update

Joplin Globe: Regional China virus update

Missouri Independent: Feds: Missouri, Florida, Texas account for 40% of all China virus cases this week

Missouri Independent: Missouri DNR calls allegations it committed civil rights violations by issuing energy company permit “unsubstantiated”; Liberal groups complained

KC Star editorial: Republican politicians lost in Medicaid expansion standoff, and Missouri voters won

P-D editorial: Gov. Parson’s statements on Post-Dispatch and KC Star bias are dishonest and dangerous – and criticism of George Soros/Missouri Independent is anti-Semitic

Joplin Globe editorial: Getting more people vaccinated is the goal of state’s incentive program

SE Missourian editorial: If you’ve been hesitating, now is the time to get COVID vaccine

Columbia Missourian’s George Kennedy: Critical race theory should be taught in Missouri schools, and politicians should be forced to sit through the course

P-D’s Michele Munz: A day at a St. Louis County walk-in clinic shows why some vaccine holdouts are changing their mind and doing the right thing

P-D letter: University City septuagenarian says CBS coverage of triple-murderer’s case makes her feel embarrassed to be from Missouri

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