Saturday, July 31, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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SE Missourian: VA pushing for increased local heath care enrollment numbers

Washington Missourian: Gov. Parson talks Medicaid expansion options, gas-tax projects, federal infrastructure bill

Washington Missourian: Gov. Parson stops in Defiance for bicentennial celebration

JCNT: Governor’s bicentennial tour stops in Fulton

The Missouri Times: Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin (R-Shebina) calls for new leadership at DESE amid critical race theory probe

SE Missourian: Local schools do not plan on teaching critical race theory

Missouri Independent: PPP loan series: Scott Fitzpatrick among Missouri small business owners who accepted loans to keep workers employed during pandemic

KC Star: House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) says some Circle of Hope e-mails turned over by Rep. Mike Stephens (R-Bolivar) were not included in Sen. Sandy Crawford’s (R-Buffalo) batch

The Missouri Times: Capitol Briefs: Missouri Public Service Commission backs Spire STL Pipeline’s emergency request

SNL: Springfield lawmakers put politics aside to sponsor bipartisan vaccination clinic

P-D: China virus news roundup: Mask lawsuits; race groups promote Faisal Khan’s victimhood tale; latest COVID numbers

Missouri Independent: State, regional China virus update

KC Star: State, regional China virus update

KC Star: Crowdsourcing content: We’re looking for your sad stories about the China virus – especially if you have a weak immune system or are handicapped

P-D: Cultural anthropology: A trip to Potosi reveals how rural Missourians live, and what they think of COVID vaccine and variant rollouts

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Luke’s pediatrician: Delta variant not more dangerous for children than other coronavirus variants, and it’s important to get kids back into the classroom

KC Star: Springfield region China virus update; CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards tweets plea for vaccinated Missourians to wear masks, jabs “angry mob”

JCNT editorial: MoDOT’s bicentennial offering

KC Star editorial: Missourians who decline China virus vaccine are being obstinate, and should think of the children

KC Star “race and class issues” reporter Cortlynn Stark: What rights do derelict renters have? Here’s how to fight back against your landlord

KC Star’s Jeanne Kuang: Gov. Parson’s DHSS Director Robert Knodell’s tone on China virus vaccines far more urgent than that of his boss

SNL’s Andrew Sullender: Those who attended rally against Mercy vaccination policy are QAnon conspiracy theorists and support the Capitol insurrection

P-D letter: Chesterfield septuagenarian wants AG Eric Schmitt to “stop pandering to the Trump crowd”

P-D letter: Hillsboro sexagenarian says AG Eric Schmitt doesn’t care about Missourians dying

Columbia Missourian letter: Mizzou Spanish professor says “rich and powerful” people oppose critical race theory in Missouri

P-D letter: Lake Saint Louis septuagenarian expresses anger at GOP state lawmakers over Medicaid expansion, wants entire caucus to resign

P-D letter: Kirkwood septuagenarian calls Post-Dispatch a “biased propaganda organ” of the left wing

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