Tuesday, August 3, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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@johncombest_com: 8/3/2004: Claire McCaskill defeats Bob Holden in Dem gov primary: Watch McCaskill’s “Priceless” parody attack ad

The Missouri Times: Exclusive: Ann Wagner to run for re-election in 2022, will not run in 2022 GOP U.S. Senate primary

The Missouri Times: Trish Gunby seeks Democratic nomination in 2nd Congressional District

P-D: Trish Gunby announces 2022 retirement from elective politics; 60-year-old will give up state rep seat to seek Dem nomination for Ann Wagner’s re-election

The Missouri Times’ Scott Faughn: State Senate tipsheet: July 2021

Missouri Independent: Americans for Prosperity abandons effort to force a vote on Missouri gas tax increase

SE Missourian: Gov. Parson visits Fort D for bicentennial tour

KC Star: RSVP for our “Missouri Gun Violence” advocacy series event tomorrow, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America; No details on panel, no agenda provided

The Missouri Times: Capitol Briefs: Missouri Farm Bureau, St. Louis Cardinals teaming up for food drive

The Missouri Times: St. Louis City begins distributing handouts to derelict tenants after federal eviction moratorium passes

P-D: Mayor announces housing handouts as eviction moratorium ends

Missouri Independent: Landlords have filed nearly 8,500 eviction cases against St. Louis-area rent derelicts; Activists want judges to “divert” evictions

KMBC: KC landlords can now move to collect overdue rent; Realtors group downplays activist/media hysteria (link via

The Missouri Times: Jon Doolittle tapped to lead Missouri Hospital Association; Comments from Charlie Shields

SE Missourian: Rep. Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau) resting at home after COVID stint at SLU hospital; After experiencing brief fever and “some aches and pains,” 75-year-old says “I feel great; my appetite is awesome”

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Sen. Bill Eigel (R-Weldon Spring) on the harm of mask mandates; Panel of Reps. Tracy McCreery and Nick Schroer, SLPOA’s Jeff Roorda and state Senate candidate Ben Brown (R) on COVID vaccinations and urban homicides

JCNT: Missouri schools told: Mask decisions should be made at local level

The Missouri Times: St. Louis County mask mandate battle sent back to state court

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: The Boy Who Cried MAGA: St. Louis County Public Health Director Faisal Khan addresses “discrepancy” between victimhood tale and security camera evidence

P-D: County health chief’s claims of racist harassment undercut by video, police testimony

P-D: Missouri’s homes for juvenile delinquents report 13 COVID cases – 9 from a Cape Girardeau facility

Washington Missourian editorial: With Jay Nixon out of the 2022 U.S. Senate primary, Democrats have other names – that “no one has heard of”

The Missouri Times op-ed: Ann Wagner: Why I’m running for re-election in the 2nd Congressional District

KC Star op-ed: New York City’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation: Missouri allows county coroner to remove “COVID” from death certificates if family asks

SNL’s Steve Pokin: Reader feedback on controversial topics can be really hard to accept, especially for a young reporter

Washington Missourian letter: Union sexagenarian criticizes pro-life GOP state lawmakers for “overreaching” abortion legislation, wants Medicaid expansion funded

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