Tuesday, August 17, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Joseph News-Press: Blunt: We could’ve left forces in Afghanistan for a ‘long time’

KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman: Missouri Democrats offer little defense of Biden on Afghan withdrawal; Comments from “Rep. Emmanuel [sic] Cleaver”

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Kit Bond on U.S. Senate race, Biden, “ABCs vs. CRTs”, more; Panel on mask mandates, Medicaid expansion

P-D’s Tony Messenger: U.S. Senate candidate Scott Sifton (D) takes aim at Eric Schmitt over 2014 meningitis vaccine vote; AG’s camp says columnist suffers from “Schmitt Derangement Syndrome”

KCMO 770 (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R) on Trump vs. Biden handling of Afghanistan (2:00); how infrastructure bill devolved into woke bill to focus on racism, gender identity and the Green New Deal (6:00); liberals’ disconnect with real-world inflation (9:30)

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking: St. Louis County Dem veteran Mike Jones talks to Jason Rosenbaum about “gross incompetence” of white Democrats in St. Louis County and why working with white conservative Republicans is easier (13:00); history of 1st Congressional District and white Republicans working with black Democrats (20:00); what Cori Bush and Bill Clay Sr. have in common (27:00); why Lacy Clay beat Russ Carnahan (27:45); Rosenbaum’s thoughts on battle between people who decline COVID vaccine and go about their life vs. those who got vaccinated, sheltered in place, follow mask mandates (32:30)

Tony’s Kansas City: Jackson County Democrats complain about redistricting process; Dems’ newsletter attempts recap on election of officers including “Mark Schaeperkotter [sic]”, others

Missouri Independent: Gov. Parson to headline Scott Fitzpatrick fundraiser in St. Louis County next month

johncombest_com on Instagram: This Week in 1997: Missouri Republican Party’s John Hancock gives sneak peek at new voter identification system, vastly improving voter contact and GOTV operations

Brownfield Ag News: Ag Director Chris Chinn on Missouri State Fair, grants approved by Missouri Legislature to help small meat processing plants, federal infrastructure bill and broadband, more

The Missouri Times: The Missouri State Fair: A timeline

The Missouri Times: Internet providers implore Missouri legislators for fixes to address digital divide; Comments from Ameren’s Zach Monroe, Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal), others

JCNT: DNR website to receive makeover

SNL: Nearly 500,000 Missourians have entered vaccine prize giveaway; A look at the numbers

P-D: State hires Missouri Immunization Coalition in latest bid to boost vaccination rates

Washington Missourian editorial: Kit Bond and Sammy Panettiere spot-on about the “Spirit of Missouri”

KC Star editorial: The science behind vaccines in Missouri schools hasn’t changed. But the GOP has

The Missouri Times op-ed: Sen. Roy Blunt: The State Fair: A proud tradition and celebration of Missouri agriculture

The Missouri Times op-ed: Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove): A look at the diverse tapestry of Missouri agriculture: Fun anecdotes on House members’ connections to the farm

Columbia Missourian’s Ken Midkiff: “Staying away and still angry”: I have canceled my trout fishing trip this fall out of COVID fear, and I choose to blame Missourians who decline COVID vaccine

P-D’s Robert Patrick: SSM Health communications staff pitching hard-luck COVID stories

Columbia Missourian letter: Columbia septuagenarian quotes Harry Truman and Barbara Bush on various topics, says Josh Hawley is “anti-American”

P-D letter: Piedmont septuagenarian suggests McCloskeys were pardoned before Kevin Strickland because Gov. Parson is a racist

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