Wednesday, August 18, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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97.1 FM Talk (St. Louis): Mark Reardon Show: AG Eric Schmitt on victory over Biden Administration regarding Mexican immigration (26:15), thoughts on Afghanistan (29:50)

770 KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: AG Eric Schmitt on “total disaster” in Afghanistan (0:30); reinstatement of the “remain-in-Mexico” policy (2:30); how bad the situation is in Missouri (5:00); “Green New Deal on steroids” (6:25 and 7:50)

Heartlander News: Schmitt, Texas AG nab “huge victory” in court requiring Biden Administration to reinstate “remain-in-Mexico” program

P-D: More than 1,000 Afghan refugees could end up in St. Louis area

SNL: Elected officials, candidates and their communications staffs pen statements on Afghanistan

770 KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: U.S. Senate candidate Lucas Kunce on why Afghanistan result was “inevitable” (1:00); status quo as “false facade” (2:40); how he would handle Taliban (6:30); vision as populist Democrat (8:45)

Joplin Globe: U.S. Rep. Billy Long visits Ozark Center’s residency program; Health leaders praise congressman’s long history of support

johncombest_com on Instagram: This Week in 1998: Kit Bond campaign seeks 1,998 volunteers for “Bond Brigade”: Notes on campaign manager Brad Scott’s pep talk/analysis, “boat people,” and my tacit disapproval of overly-casual attire

The Missouri Times: State Fair print edition: U.S. Senate GOP primary overview; 4th Congressional District GOP primary; State Fair info; much more

97.1 FM Talk (St. Louis): Mark Reardon Show: Former Sen. John Lamping (R-Town and Country) on how Census numbers affect congressional redistricting (18:00); possibilities of 7-1 map vs. 6-2 and what it means for St. Louis region (19:00)

107.1 FM (St. Louis): BS in the Morning Show: Radio veteran Brad Hildebrand wonders why St. Louis “Pubic” Radio is so obsessed with sexual orientation and race victimhood (51:15); Thoughts on Rick and Tracy Ellis’ new conservative talk radio station, and what Rick Ellis really thinks of “radio guys” (54:30)

P-D: Jamie Allman back on morning radio at new conservative talk station: “Patriot Real Talk for St. Louis” on 104.9 FM

SE Missourian: David Limbaugh steps away from columns to focus on books, legal work

St. Joseph News-Press: Gov. Parson visits St. Joseph to promote bicentennial

The Missouri Times: Missouri lowers substitute teacher hurdles to address shortage

Missourinet: Missouri to permanently allow online training option for substitute teacher candidates

JCNT: Substitute teacher requirements to be permanently relaxed

Heartlander News: Missouri awards nonprofits $17.7 million in tax credits for neighborhood assistance, youth opportunities

The Missouri Times: Q&A with Citizens for Modern Transit and Missouri Public Transit Association Executive Director Kimberly Cella: The state of public transit in Missouri

The Missouri Times: Missouri co-ops hope to bring electric vehicles to rural communities

Missouri Independent: Industry group says Missouri lost 8.7% of its ‘clean energy’ jobs during pandemic, but numbers already rebounding

97.1 FM Talk (St. Louis): Mark Reardon Show: AG Eric Schmitt on why mainstream media is manufacturing hysteria over COVID (25:00)

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: Vaccine advocacy series: Unvaccinated pregnant women are getting seriously ill from COVID-19; Dr. Ebony Carter says showing up for work recently is “the most traumatic professional period I’ve lived through”

KC Star: State, regional China virus update: Kansas City metro sees dip in new COVID-19 cases

KC Star: Missouri announces COVID-19 booster shots for those with weak immune systems

P-D: State, regional China virus update

AP: State, regional China virus update

The Missouri Times: St. Louis County mask moratorium extended while parties encouraged to ‘discuss possible resolution’

P-D: St. Louis County judge extends restraining order on mask mandate, orders lawyers to ‘work together’

P-D editorial: Instead of confronting GOP anti-vaccination zealots, Gov. Parson hires contractors

Joplin Globe editorial: COVID has been really hard for journalists, so stop blaming the media for COVID hysteria

Missouri Independent op-ed: Westminster College assistant political science professor Joshua Holzer: Eric Greitens’ U.S. Senate bid represents a perversion of patriotism

USA Today’s Eric Ferkenhoff: Missouri should free Kevin Strickland and Lamar Johnson

KC Star’s Bill Lukitsch: Congratulations to us for winning a journalism award for whitenessapology series

Flashback: December 20, 2020: KC Star Editor Mike Fannin’s award-winning apology piece: Newspaper offers official apology for 140 years of excessive whiteness; Paper debuts ‘advisory board,’ promotes white-guilt series, will make online access to victimhood-themed stories free to minority zip codes

SNL’s Steve Pokin: CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards, News-Leader reporter Andrew Sullender victims of harsh words from vaccine skeptics

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