Tuesday, September 7, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D: Missouri Democratic Party accused of unfair labor practices; Former MDP Executive Director Lauren Gepford calls allegations of union-busting “a Twitter phenomenon”

johncombest_com on Instagram: Post-Dispatch, Sept. 1995: Rogue Republicans seek to boot old guard MOGOP Chair Tom Fowler in favor of youth movement’s David Steelman

SNL: Workers are seeing higher wages as Springfield businesses struggle to hire; Missouri Jobs With Justice unhappy The free-ride party’s over: Collection of local news articles on end of unemployment handouts

St. Joseph News-Press: Group files initiative to legalize recreational marijuana

St. Louis Public Radio: Area woman says women have proven to be unsuccessful in Missouri cannabis industry, blames sexism and seeks donations

KC Star: Infrastructure bill includes $1 billion carve-out that could reshape KC’s inner-loop; Why highway design and road construction are racist

P-D: Cities gather data to show weather and heat are racist; Temperature-victimhood experts ask St. Louis City to join

SNL: Public records review of July COVID “crisis”: Collection of quotes gleaned from government e-mails

P-D op-ed: Former U.S. Rep. Tom Coleman (D): Eric Schmitt offers radical ideas to extreme right wing of Republican Party

Missouri Independent’s Rebecca Rivas: Black family says homeschooling helps their kids avoid racist public school teachers; Family of famed police assailant Michael Brown, others tout benefits of learning at home

P-D letter: St. Charles sexagenarian says GOP Sen. Bob Onder’s opposition to mask and vaccine mandates makes her feel “outraged”

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