Wednesday, September 8, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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johncombest_com on Instagram: Video clip: 9/8/99: Bill Bradley launches presidential campaign in Crystal City, inspires a young Stewie Griffin

The Missouri Times: 2022 Missouri U.S. Senate Democratic primary: Liberal group backs Lucas Kunce

The Missouri Times: 2022 Missouri U.S. Senate Democratic primary: Scott Sifton calls for expanding U.S. Supreme Court

Missouri Independent: Cori Bush joins ‘Squad’ sisterhood for trip to Minneapolis and northern Minnesota

Columbia Missourian: Liberal groups hold rally to voice federal funds wishlist; “Race Matters, Friends,” others want government programs catered to “Black and brown voices,” climate change, etc.

Columbia Missourian: Photo gallery: Fed funds spending spree rally: Bald human reads text of its speech from phone; Seasoned citizens wear masks outdoors; Amorphous human prepares to affix small sticker on large body

JCNT: State of Missouri’s general revenue on track

JCNT: Friends of the Missouri Governor’s Mansion director steps down

The Missouri Times: After nearly 8 years at the helm, Rebecca Gordon steps down as head of Governor’s Mansion foundation

P-D: Director of Missouri’s Governor’s Mansion foundation to depart after eight years

KC Star: Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) plans to introduce pro-life legislation in January

P-D: In latest worker discrimination case, Missouri to pay out $700,000 to prison employee

Missouri Independent: Judge orders no change – for now – in Missouri’s prison health care contractor

Missouri Independent: Thanks to GOP bill, Missouri will enforce federal mental health parity act

SNL: Recap of last week’s LGBTQ display kerfuffle

The Missouri Times: Preparation for Rocheport bridge replacement begins this week

The Missouri Times: Spire STL Pipeline declined rehearing by federal court

Missouri Independent: Spire’s St. Louis natural gas pipeline dealt another blow by federal court ruling

P-D: Motorcycle crashes more often result in death, injuries this year in Missouri

KC Star: Regional China virus update: Seven-day rolling average for daily cases drops from 624 to 489

P-D: China virus update: What to know about the upcoming “mu variant” rollout

The Missouri Times op-ed: Self-described “LGBTQ trailblazer” Justice Horn: “Cisgender men could never understand” what “non-binary people with uteruses are going through right now”

Missouri Independent op-ed: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee assistant professor: Missouri wrong to move gay display

The Missouri Times op-ed: Liberal women/”Latinx” groups with trans “women” on board: Elect more women – especially blacks, Latinas and Indians; Diversity is our strength, women are entitled to be at “decision-making tables,” etc.

P-D letter: Glendale septuagenarian disagrees with GOP state lawmakers on mask mandates

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