Wednesday, September 22, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Missouri officials push back on Biden revenue proposals: A look at the possible changes

The Missouri Times: Missouri joins regional national security initiative

Daily American Republic: Scott Sifton speaks to Poplar Bluff Dems, uses Eric Greitens as foil (link via Dave Drebes’ MOScout weekday newsletter, 9/21/21)

KC Star: Cori Bush sponsors bill to stop evictions for duration of COVID-19 pandemic Kansas City media insist YOU’RE racist; Latest examples of KC Star and “local prog blog” Missouri Independent’s self-righteous indignation as they try to spread racial avarice

The Hill: Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) wants public school official to step down over critical race theory teachings, promotion of anti-America music video (link via

The Missouri Times: Missouri abortion law debate focuses on Down syndrome provision

SNL: Federal appeals court hears arguments on Missouri abortion law

KCUR: Appeals court considers fate of Missouri’s law banning infanticide after a Down syndrome diagnosis

KC Star: Federal appeals court considers lifting injunction on Missouri’s abortion law

Missouri Independent: Federal court hears arguments on Missouri abortion law; Wire service photo of pro-choice rally in Austin, TX with no direct connection to Missouri case

Missouri Independent: Lawsuit: Flotron McIntosh’s John Gaskin accuses MOSERS of violating Missouri Sunshine Law

The Missouri Times: “Next Steps” legislative preview series: Bill from Rep. Maggie Nurrenbern (D-Kansas City) would enable campaign donors to subsidize candidates’ day care/babysitter costs

JCNT: Heads-up on hunger games: Jefferson City group will ask state legislators to participate in next round of poverty “simulation”

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: Book promo: “The Atlantic” writer promotes “The State Must Provide,” about “chronic underfunding of historically black colleges and universities” in Missouri and elsewhere

JCNT: Cole County’s COVID-19 numbers ‘trending down’ Show-Me legal help for Rae’s Cafe; Roundup of local news coverage regarding AG Eric Schmitt’s defense of small business

Missouri Independent: Schmitt challenges orders forcing school children to wear masks in class

Columbia Missourian: DHSS extends monoclonal antibody treatment contract

JCNT: Profile: DHSS director says Missouri has tools to improve health outcomes, confesses to being a Chicago Cubs fan

St. Louis Public Radio: DHSS Director Donald Kauerauf says Missouri’s COVID vaccine lottery has been successful; SLU assistant sociology professor criticizes lotteries

P-D: State considered several prize options for COVID vaccine lottery

Washington Missourian: Franklin County hunters can expect successful seasons, state officials say

P-D editorial: Patricia and Mark ‘I’d do it again’ McCloskey have earned law license suspension

Washington Missourian editorial: Jay Ashcroft and GOP state lawmakers should stop focusing on voter fraud, and start loosening restrictions on voting

KC Star editorial: Eric Schmitt is to blame for keeping an innocent man in prison; Missouri AG is listening to political consultants instead of thinking for himself

St. Louis Public Radio/Corporation for Public Broadcasting “Sharing America” racism reporter Andrea Henderson: Bill to make nationwide eviction moratorium possible is sponsored by Cori Bush, who knows firsthand that eviction is a matter of life or death

KCUR’s Alex Smith: Missouri lawmakers sell out highway safety so passengers can drink booze

P-D letter: St. Louis septuagenarian shares her fantasy scenario of Missouri state lawmakers getting turned down for medical care at a hospital

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