Thursday, September 30, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Jim Mathewson funeral details

P-D: National Labor Relations Board issues complaint against Missouri Democratic Party after settlement talks with ex-employee collapse

Missouri Independent: Schmitt, Greitens swap salvos over China Mainstream media focuses ire on Josh Hawley; roundup of key stories

The Missouri Times: Galloway accuses state board of hindering how her office handles audits

Missouri Independent: Galloway files lawsuit against state board over fallout from Hawley probe

P-D: Missouri auditor goes to court as part of alleged ‘retaliation’ by Hawley

Missouri Independent: Missouri Supreme Court mulls challenge to laws that blocked abortion bill vote

The Missouri Times: Missouri broadband investment to focus on access, adoption

The Missouri Times: Capitol Briefs: Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri awarded federal telehealth grant

KMOV (St. Louis): Parkway Central students react to latest “hate crime” hoax, in which black student posted “racist” graffiti Kansas City Star percolates racial animosity for coffee shop crowdfunding; Newspaper promotes NYC carpetbagger’s “I’ve heard enough from old white men” wokeness gimmick

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview: Native American Rights Fund donates 20 acres in Lafayette County to local Indians; Osage tribe still hopes to capture “Picture Cave” from Warren County palefaces

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: MacArthur Justice Center’s latest freedom campaign focuses on white male convicted of murdering his mom

Missouri Independent: Lawyers seek to cash in on longstanding Springfield contamination issue; Northrop Grumman says it works with DNR and community regarding land it acquired

SNL: Springfield residents seek at least $5 million in damages from Northrop Grumman over contamination

SE Missourian: Regional China virus update: Active cases fall in Cape Girardeau County and at Southeast Missouri State University

P-D: Missouri governor and first lady to get vaccine booster shot

Washington Missourian: First round of COVID booster shots roll out in Missouri

SNL: Nurse said she’d quit Cox if COVID-19 vaccine was mandated. She made good on her promise.

AP: CoxHealth promotes “Personal Panic Buttons” for staff

P-D editorial: Hawley tries to blame Afghanistan debacle on efforts to reform military culture

P-D: “The Chat Room” video series: Liberal columnists Tony Messenger and Aisha Sultan offer wish list for Missouri policy; Messenger wants to consolidate all St. Louis City and St. Louis County school districts into one megadistrict so suburbanites can better subsidize urban schools (1:00); Sultan wants to ban “dark money and PACs,” says Missouri lawmakers are not “vested and care about the interest of Missourians,” says legislators are “beholdened [sic] to secret lobbyist interests” (3:20)

SNL’s Steve Pokin: News-Leader farewell column; Columnist will begin writing for “a new Springfield nonprofit” starting tomorrow

P-D letter: Amnesty International sexagenarian cheers Cori Bush’s vote on Iron Dome, compares Israel to police officer who killed George Floyd

P-D letter: Des Peres octogenarian responds to coverage of Missouri pro-life laws, says she is “sick and tired” of hearing men’s thoughts on abortion

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