Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Former Congressman Todd Akin dies at 74

The Missouri Times: Here are the Democrats seeking to run against Ann Wagner in 2022; Quick bios of Trish Gunby, Ben Samuels, growing list of also-rans/diversity candidates

Missouri Independent: National Democrats’ vision for free community college would boost illegal aliens, but Missouri bars illegals from receiving in-state tuition

johncombest_com on Instagram: 1995: 32-year-old rookie state Rep. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) gives JeffCo Republicans the skinny on Capitol business and Bekki Cook

KSGF (Springfield): Nick Reed Show: KY3 reporter Linda Simmons leaves station after 14 years as Gray Television purges purebloods; station’s response to religious exemption application (2:30); station’s unwillingness to report both sides of COVID vaccine issue (5:30); why local media outlets promote one side of issue (9:45); her experience with COVID and non-FDA-approved treatment (10:15); when exactly she realized that modern journalism was becoming a farce (18:00)

SNL: KY3 reporter fired after refusing COVID vaccine

The Missouri Times: Am I eligible for a booster shot? Your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered

SNL: Missouri State University to drop masking in residence halls, student union, many common spaces

P-D: Despite hype, COVID-19 couldn’t crack top two causes of death in St. Louis County in 2020

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Sen. Bill Eigel (R-Weldon Spring) on vaccine mandates, gas tax hike, more; Panel discusses Missouri Medicaid expansion

The Missouri Times: 17K Missourians apply for health coverage through expanded Medicaid program

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri to get nearly $1 billion in federal money for Medicaid expansion

JCNT: Missouri granted more federal funds after Medicaid expansion

KC Star: Biden administration hopes Missouri’s Medicaid expansion will flip other holdout red states

SNL: Missouri eligible for $968 million in federal funds following Medicaid expansion; 17K enrolled

The Missouri Times: Supreme Court declines to hear Missouri abortion law — at least for now

P-D: Planned Parenthood opposes new rule allowing Missouri DHSS to share health inspection reports with Missouri DSS

KC Star: Missouri’s new strategy to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid: health inspections

The Missouri Times: Gov. Parson: Ernest Lee Johnson’s death sentence will be carried out this week

Missouri Independent: Gov. Parson won’t block execution of triple-murderer; Ernest Johnson set to be put down at 6 p.m. today

P-D: Triple-murderer Ernest Lee Johnson to be put down tonight

P-D, May 2020: Missouri execution leaderboard since 2000: Jay Nixon (21), Bob Holden (15), Matt Blunt (5), Mel Carnahan (4 in 2000, 38 over two terms), Mike Parson (2), Roger Wilson (1), Eric Greitens (1)

SNL: Ernest Johnson, Kevin Strickland cases in Missouri draw outsider attention

KC Star: Missouri Highway Patrol investigating former Agape student’s gang rape claim, mom says

P-D editorial: A decade ago, the GOP purged Todd Akin as a radical. Today, it embraces worse.

Missouri Independent op-ed: Ameren Missouri’s Craig Giesmann: We are good stewards of Missouri lakes and rivers

KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang: In an ironic twist, Gov. Parson cites ongoing Sunshine case to deny our request for emails about ’407.1500’

P-D letter: Ballwin resident feels “embarrassed” by Hawley’s statements on Afghanistan

P-D letter: Kirkwood septuagenarian applauds Cori Bush’s story about terminating what would have been her firstborn son or daughter

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