Monday, October 11, 2021 – Columbus Day – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D: Plan backed by Sen. Roy Blunt would mean influx of federal cash to Missouri for species protection

Missouri Independent: Missouri program to train family members to be certified home health aides for the handicapped has yet to be implemented

St. Louis Public Radio: Fewer than 2% of the active-duty personnel at Fort Leonard Wood have turned down the COVID vaccine

KC Star editorial: When does Gov. Parson like free speech? When he agrees with it

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: Federal report raises serious concerns about Missouri’s foster care system

P-D editorial: State’s dithering on drug-monitoring program let abuses continue

P-D’s Tony Messenger: Gov. Parson chooses consultants over worker pay, and that leaves Missouri in last place

Missouri Independent op-ed: Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) Dylan Atkinson: Missouri‚Äôs upcoming black bear trophy hunt is reckless and irresponsible

Kaiser Health News’ Bram Sable-Smith and Andy Miller: CoxHealth in Missouri among national leaders in refreshed “health care heroes” sympathy PR campaign; Tactics include German shepherds, “panic buttons”

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