Thursday, October 28, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Missouri AG Eric Schmitt will challenge federal vaccine mandates in court

KC Star: Mark McCloskey stands by all-inclusive anti-infanticide position

KC Star: Video: Mark McCloskey on pro-life position

johncombest_com on Instagram: This week in 2000: Carnahan for Senate distributes “I’m Still With Mel” campaign buttons

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Mark Alford on Republican bid for 4th Congressional District; how a conservative in news media is like a “fish swimming upriver” (1:30), why he’s running (2:00), why he left Fox 4 and the futility of trying to balance station’s liberal bias (5:30), advantages over “politicians” (9:45), who is supporting him (10:15)

The Missouri Times: Mark Alford, longtime TV anchor, launches bid for CD 4

The Missouri Times: Who is running for CD 4 in Missouri to replace Hartzler? Roundup of local TV stations’ coverage of Mark Alford announcement

KC Star: Former Fox 4 anchor enters race for Congress

St. Joseph News-Press: Blunt, Graves oppose IRS reporting requirements

The Missouri Times: St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters merges with Chicago to form Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council

The Missouri Times: Brian Nieves hosts new radio show ‘The Patriot Enclave’ on St. Louis’ Real Talk 93.3 FM

JCNT: Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development survey of 9,921 college students: Less than half of students complain about cost of tuition and fees

P-D: Recap of memo summarizing Missouri House Health and Mental Health Policy Committee hearing with Director Don Kauerauf Forest-killing newspaper supports Kansas City ‘climate emergency’ declaration

The Missouri Times: Evergy nearing solar subscription program goal; Comments from Evergy Senior Director of Government Affairs and Economic Development Jason Klindt, Renew Missouri’s James Owen

P-D: State regulators approve new rates for Spire customers — but not what they are

SE Missourian: AG Eric Schmitt helps Jackson man gain refund after lodging customer complaint

Columbia Missourian: Missouri families qualifying for WIC handouts eligible for more fruits and vegetables

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking podcast: Rep. Robert Sauls (D-Independence) praises the formation of Missouri’s first Latino Caucus

SE Missourian: Cape County Health Center to host Moderna, J&J booster clinic Monday

KC Star op-ed: Gordon Parks Elementary School CEO Kirsten Lipari-Braman: Missouri lawmakers, don’t keep cheating Kansas City public charter school students

SNL op-ed: Show-Me Institute’s Susan Pendergrass: Why is a better tool for parents than the DESE school data dashboard, and why lawmakers need to face hard truths about test scores

St. Joseph News-Press op-ed: New York opinion columnist Froma Harrop: Social media is destroying young women’s self-esteem

Combest, 20 for 20, Part 2 (last Tuesday): “Contrary to gynocentric coastal thought pieces and fake Facebook ‘whistleblowers,’ social media is not universally destroying youths’ self-esteem”; How to profit off Rowdy Dowdy Piper and Missouri’s other quixotic Twitter-obsessed political candidates

Missouri Independent’s Tessa Weinberg: ‘Soooo frustrating:’ Infighting, bad predictions hindered Missouri response to Delta

St. Louis Public Radio/Corporation for Public Broadcasting “Sharing America” racism reporter Andrea Henderson: Washington University group seeks to find discrimination in distribution of air toxins

P-D letter: Warson Woods man expresses anger over former President Trump and Steve Bannon, urges vote against Ann Wagner in 2022

P-D letter: St. Peters woman wants Missouri to end the death penalty

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