Tuesday, November 2, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Gov. Parson on This Week in Missouri Politics: Biden administration does not have the right to mandate vaccines

The Missouri Times: Should St. Louis get an NFL expansion team? Gov. Parson weighs in

SNL: Josh Hawley speaks at conservative conference about the Left’s attacks on masculinity; comments in defense of men earn mockery from U.S. Senate runner-up Jason Kander, other liberals

St. Joseph News-Press: Congressional retirees support Dems’ attempt to access former President Donald Trump documents; Comments from Dick Gephardt, Russ Carnahan, Tom Coleman

johncombest_com on Instagram: This month in 1999: Campaigns & Elections magazine profiles Missouri GOP money man Jack Oliver, National Finance Director for Texas Gov. George W. Bush

Brownfield Ag News: Missouri Cattlemen’s Association ‘cautiously optimistic’ on tax exclusions in reconciliation framework

P-D: Photo gallery: Immigration activists protest outside “Immigration and Custom [sic] Enforcement” (ICE) offices St. Louis City; Latinos and gringo amigos sing songs in Spanish and eat donuts whilst wearing masks outdoors

P-D: Missouri Democratic Party moves to dismiss complaint issued against party over labor dispute

Missouri Independent: Redistricting panels debate who to include in new Missouri House, Senate districts; Comments from Democratic redistricting commissioner Susan Montee, “No on 3” (Cleaner Missouri) campaign manager Sean Soendker Nicholson, others

The Missouri Times: Jefferson County Clerk Ken Waller (R) seeks Missouri House seat

P-D: Missouri hires company to perform data breach and credit monitoring services

JCNT: State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick hires director to implement school choice program

P-D: Gov. Mike Parson replaces Administrative Hearing Commissioner Audrey McIntosh

KC Star: Another Kansas City hospital mandates COVID shots for workers

St. Louis Public Radio: COVID-19 vaccines for kids could come to St. Louis this week

SNL: Missouri’s first modern black bear hunt was a success all around, state says

SNL: Missouri Department of Conservation: Young hunters harvest more than 15,000 deer in weekend hunt

Columbia Missourian: Population of native bees is on the rise in Missouri, MO Dept. of Conservation study shows

KC Star editorial: Missouri did Missouri School Boards’ Association break from national group without asking Kansas City?

KC Star’s Daniel Desrochers: Josh Hawley says Democrats are trying to undermine traditional masculine values; Junior senator makes reference to women’s sports, which is “an anti-transgender rights talking point for conservatives”

P-D letter: Wildwood septuagenarian expresses anger at Gov. Parson, Roy Blunt, Josh Hawley and Ann Wagner, says he “cannot respect anyone who could ever cast a Republican vote”

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