Tuesday, November 9, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Louis Public Radio: Blunt and Cleaver the only two members of Missouri’s congressional delegation to vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill; Cori Bush votes ‘no,” demands more than just “the crumbs”

P-D: Cori Bush expains voting with “The Squad” against Biden spending bill

The Missouri Times: As SAPA garners national media attention, here’s a look at where the law stands now

KSGF (Springfield): Nick Reed Show: Sen. Eric Burlison (R-Battlefield) on 60 Minutes’ anti-SAPA piece: What the Second Amendment Preservation Act actually does (1:40); what CBS omitted from the story (8:00); New York reporter’s excuses for not shooting firearms (10:45); why the national media is propping up Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas (11:30); how CBS producers first pitched the story (12:45); which Missouri constitutional scholar was cut out of the piece (13:10); history of Missouri media cherry-picking anti-Second Amendment law enforcement officers (16:15); more

CBS: New Missouri state law effectively ends local enforcement of federal gun laws 60 Minutes fallout: KC mayor alienates state officials to advance his political “brand,” puts Kansas City at a disadvantage with grandstanding and hotdogging

The Missouri Times: Caleb Rowden sticking with state Senate over congressional bid

Missouri Independent: Rowden decides against run in 4th District Congressional primary

CDT: Caleb Rowden announces he will not run for U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s seat

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette) on bid to replace Jill Schupp; Panel discusses Virginia, critical race theory in Missouri schools, more

The Missouri Times: Capitol Calendar: Missouri Republican Caucus convenes today at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson; Tracy McCreery reception tomorrow in St. Louis; more

Heartlander News: Republican Chandler Haynes is running for state rep to fill Jered Taylor’s open seat; GOP candidate on Biden Administration, 8-year-olds forced to learn “non-gendered LGBTQ pronouns” in class, Dems’ “defund the police” push, more

Columbia Missourian: Chimene Schwach announces candidacy for Martha Stevens’ open seat; Democrat embraces critical race theory in Missouri schools, complains about Missouri’s delay in expanding Medicaid

SE Missourian: Missouri House redistricting commission receives input in Cape Girardeau; Democrat who lost 2020 state rep election by 26 points complains that Wayne Wallingford (R) did not debate him during election cycle; comments from League of Women Voters geriatric, others

JCNT: State revenue collections remain on track to fully fund budget Progressive media outlet KCUR helps illegal aliens attend college

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske weekly preview: Thursday show to highlight criticisms of Spire’s efforts to educate area residents on pipeline and natural gas prices; Friday show to promote “thwarting vaccine hesitancy as pediatric vaccination gets underway”

SE Missourian: Local parents begin subjecting children to COVID-19 vaccine

JCNT: Missouri Department of Conservation renews deer sampling requirements in Missouri

AP: Kevin Strickland attempts new plot twist at hearing: For first time in 43 years, convicted triple-murderer claims he was drunk and high when police first questioned him

KC Star: Kevin Strickland trial update: 65-year-old woman calling herself “Cookie” claims to remember that eyewitness once told her of Strickland, “I didn’t never [sic] choose that boy” Local media outlets play social justice warrior while state officials hold the line; roundup of local Kevin Strickland advocacy journalism

P-D editorial: Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act could lead to more tragedy; Ahmaud Arbery was “jogging” when he was put down in Georgia, and Kyle Rittenhouse put down two attackers in Wisconsin

Joplin Globe editorial: Missouri Legislature should spend more money on DHSS and public health

Columbia Missourian John Darkow cartoon: Mocking Josh Hawley on masculinity and NRA money (evade the Missourian’s paywall by visiting Darkow publisher’s website here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Rep. Jim Murphy (R-St. Louis County): Parents in Virginia and in Missouri are sending a message that no longer will they be quiet, marginalized, vilified, insulted, and ignored

SNL’s Andrew Sullender: QAnon darlings Michael Flynn and Lin Wood speak at charity fundraiser for Honor Flight of the Ozarks

Missouri Independent’s Allison Kite: It’s clear that lead exposure is a problem for Missouri’s children, and the Biden Administration has the solutions

P-D letter: St. Peters man disappointed by Cori Bush’s “racism” claims against Democrat Joe Manchin, oil company execs

P-D letter: Wildwood sexagenarian who presents as male “embarrassed” by Hawley’s comments on masculinity

P-D letter: First-year Washington University School of Social Work “genderfree” student condemns Missouri lawmakers for not spending enough on mental health care

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