Tuesday, November 16, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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KC Star’s Daniel Desrochers: Josh Hawley is stalling Biden administration nominees, with no reasonable policy outcome in mind; Comments from Brown University political science professor, zero (0) Missouri political science professors

KC Star’s Daniel Desrochers and Jeanne Kuang: Dave Schatz files to run for Roy Blunt’s U.S. Senate seat; Missouri Senate president will take on “Vicki [sic] Hartzler” and other GOP candidates in primary

Missouri Independent: Dave Schatz joins crowded U.S. Senate race

Missouri Independent: Rick Brattin joins crowded GOP contest in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District

The Missouri Times: Rick Brattin launches congressional bid in 4th CD

The Missouri Times: Who is running for CD 4 in Missouri to replace Hartzler?

KC Star: Rick Brattin enters GOP primary to succeed Vicky Hartzler in Congress

The Missouri Times: Could veterans be pulled from facilities if staffers aren’t vaccinated? VA email causes concern in Missouri

Missouri Independent: Missouri gives nursing homes a way to temporarily close in face of federal vaccine rule

The Missouri Times: This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins on why farmers should be involved in climate discussion

P-D: St. Louis-area leaders scope out infrastructure opportunities as Biden signs plan into law

P-D: Rep. Cori Bush says “white supremacists” shot at Ferguson protesters, but chief not aware of any such incident

The Missouri Times: Brian Gelner, Springfield businessman, launches bid for Eric Burlison’s open state Senate seat

SNL: Heart of America Beverage owner, executive running for Missouri Senate; Palm Strategic to run Brian Gelner’s campaign

SNL: Missouri GOP redistricting draft map would split Springfield between two state Senate districts; Sean Soendker Nicholson, who led campaign against Cleaner Missouri in 2020, says commissioners have been “rude and mean to members of the public

The Missouri Times: Capitol Calendar: This week’s fundraisers: Phil Christofanelli at Pio’s; “Back the Blue” event in Jefferson City; Gretchen Bangert and Paula Brown’s “Whiskey, Wings and Wildcard”; more

P-D: Steve Tilley no longer lobbying for Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc.; recap of previous anti-Tilley coverage

The Missouri Times: Missouri State Library first in country to offer online high school completion program

Missouri Independent: Kaiser Health News’ Bram Sable Smith: Missouri’s thin dental safety net stretched amid Medicaid expansion; oral hygiene victims “now coming to get the dental work done that they delayed earlier”

Combest, 20 for 20, Part 3 (10/21/21):  Missouri media’s top victimhood story for 1H 2022: Missouri expanded Medicaid in 2021, but experts are worried that it was too late. 

Missouri Independent: People seeking food handouts complain about telephone wait times; Comments from Rep. Peter Merideth (D-St. Louis City), various liberal groups; Legal Services of Eastern Missouri rep says waiting on hold drives some to “cry on the phone about the frustration in working with the call center … it’s a tragedy.”

P-D: Schmitt asks for emails, texts from Jones, Page regarding mask mandates

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri’s health director worries public health distrust could remain after pandemic

P-D: Regional China virus update

The Missouri Times: What is the Spire STL Pipeline?

Missouri Independent: Environmental Defense Fund claims it has received “threatening” messages

Joplin Globe: Hunting a killer: Missouri Department of Conservation agents fan out on opening day of deer season to test for CWD

Washington Missourian editorial: Blunt’s vote on infrastructure bill shows willingness to rise above partisan politics to get something done

Joplin Globe editorial: Time for Missouri to go plastic-bagless

St. Louis Public Radio: Report for America grantee Eric Schmid: Latino population grows nearly 50% in St. Louis region over the last decade

Columbia Missourian’s Ken Midkiff: Vicky Hartzler “voted against our state’s interests because Kevin McCarthy, R-California, told her to do so”

Columbia Missourian’s Anna Kochman: Rick Brattin condemns critical race theory, which is a widely misunderstood academic concept that simply says systemic racism is present in U.S. institutions

The Missouri Times op-ed: Citizens for Modern Transit and the Missouri Public Transit Association Executive Director Kimberly Cella: Transit receives unprecedented federal funds; it’s time for Missouri to step up

KC Star’s Lisa Gutierrez: Independence is now the fifth city in the Kansas City metro to ban harmful “conversion therapy”

KC Star’s Lisa Guttierez, 11/7/21: Local “gender nonbinary and transgender”, calling itself “they,” says he wants to ban therapeutic choice for youth

KC Star’s Lisa Guttierez, 11/7/21: Missouri law allows youth to benefit from conversion therapy

P-D letter: Woodson Terrace octogenarian calls Second Amendment Preservation Act “the epitome of craziness”

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