Monday, November 22, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Dave Schatz on his advantages over other GOP U.S. Senate candidates (1:30); how running a business molded his political philosophy (3:45); how he expects to win (5:30); proudest legislative accomplishments (8:00)

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Micheal Mahoney predicts U.S. Rep. Jason Smith will enter GOP U.S. Senate primary (1:30); “two-tier race” and who ranks where (4:30)

SNL: U.S. Senate race roundup: Billy Long to Mar-a-Lago; McCloskey seeks Rittenhouse rub; Hartzler seizes education lane; Scott Sifton, Lucas Kunce use GOP as fundraising foils 4th Congressional District GOP candidate Mark Alford approves Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

St. Joseph News-Press: Local legislators’ quarterly fundraising report roundup: Dan Hegeman’s statewide committee; J. Eggleston will reject recreational marijuana cash; Bill Falkner nabs Missouri Hospital Association check; more on Tony Luetkemeyer, Brenda Shields, Dean Van Schoiack

KC Star: In October letter, Missouri Police Chiefs Association (MPCA) asked GOP lawmakers to “address some clarifications” in Second Amendment Preservation Act and “eliminate those unintended consequences without derailing the intent of SAPA”

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Show-Me Institute’s Patrick Ishmael explains Missouri ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ (0:45); legislative path (2:45); how districts’ lack of transparency on critical race theory has spurred interest from parents

P-D: 2018 “Raise the Age” legislation could lead to surge in juveniles heading to state detention facilities

Missouri Independent: Missouri has paid $30K to defend previous governor in age discrimination lawsuit

St. Louis Public Radio: Ameren Missouri offers business incentives to build electric charging stations; Missouri to receive $99M from feds to build charging stations

JCNT editorial: Robert Knodell will make needed changes at troubled DSS

Columbia Missourian: Darkow cartoon: Mocking Eric Schmitt for seeking school district materials on critical race theory

Missouri Independent’s Jason Hancock: Jay Ashcroft touts integrity of Missouri‚Äôs 2020 election, but supports an audit – a cause that has become the rallying cry for conspiracy theorists peddling the lie of a stolen 2020 election

P-D’s Tony Messenger: Missouri parolees back in court fighting for liberty, despite clear ruling in their favor

P-D letter: St. Louis sexagenarian criticizes votes against infrastructure bill, praises Roy Blunt and U.S. Rep. “Emmanuel [sic] Cleaver”

SNL letter: Springfield septuagenarian says AG Eric Schmitt is using office “to promote a right-wing agenda”

P-D letter: Ladue octogenarian cheers anti-Spire column

P-D letter: Innsbrook septuagenarian says “liberal extremist” Kevin McDermott’s boundless rage against Republican Party “borders on obsessive-compulsive disorder”

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