Sunday, December 12, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

Published in Missouri Political News - Daily Headlines. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Mark Alford shares Missouri Republican outcry at campaign fundraiser: Take back America!

JCNT: Governor’s proposal would bring a quarter of state workforce to $15 minimum wage

JCNT: Missouri lawmakers pre-file record number of bills; most won’t make the cut

SNL: 2022 legislative preview: Rep. Bill Owen (R-Springfield) wants civility, land banks and self-defense rights for judges and lawmakers

P-D: Video gambling companies again pushing for legal slots in Missouri

JCNT: State employee profile: Customer support manager Jerri Bowles helping to lead digital revolution

St. Joseph News-Press: Missouri Western State University professor warns: Using performance data from Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores might “make teachers and students feel bad about something they have no control over”

Fox 4 (Kansas City): Missouri education commissioners plead for higher teacher pay (link via

KC Star: Cass County passes measure ending health department’s COVID orders and quarantines

St. Joseph News-Press: AG Eric Schmitt calls St. Joseph School District conditional mask rule illegal

Columbia Missourian: Columbia Public Schools board to vote on COVID-19 plan Monday, facing order from AG to strike it down

SNL’s Andrew Sullender: ‘Long COVID’ earns official victimhood status under Americans with Disabilities Act; Area victims say fatigue, ‘brain fog’ among very serious symptoms; best way to avoid horrific malady is to get vaccinated

Joplin Globe: MoDOT seeks comments, questions about Range Line bridge project

P-D: Happy anniversary to us! Take a journey through history with the Post-Dispatch

P-D editorial: How many Missouri lives will Eric Schmitt endanger to win a Senate seat?

KC Star’s Toriano Porter: ‘Fear-mongering must end’: Does Missouri AG Eric Schmitt ever listen to himself?

KC Star’s Mara Rose Williams: Inside conservative “We The People” meeting: “maskless group of almost 100” Caucasoids criticizes “liberal media” and actively recruits conservatives for local office Analysis: Pushing outcry over COVID response and calling GOP opponents pandemic murderers last time around didn’t get Missouri Democrats anywhere

P-D letter: “Women’s Voiced Raised for Social Justice” sexagenarian cheers passage of infrastructure bill, wants Congress to pass Dem voting bill

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