Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times:  Who is in charge? Labor department points to other agencies as responsible for illegal immigrant labor in Missouri

The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap: Schmitt says opposition to vaccine mandates is a fight for freedom; Panel of St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White, veteran GOP consultant David Barklage, state Reps. Rasheen Aldridge (D-St. Louis City) and Adam Schwadron (R-St. Charles) discusses Biden visit and infrastructure spending

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Mark McCloskey on Eric Greitens and SAPA (1:00), why he won’t go to Mar-a-Lago and “beg” for Trump’s endorsement (3:00), hits Eric Schmitt on taking money from “globalist anti-Trumper” Koch brothers” (6:15); opposition to early voting and no-excuse absentee voting (9:30)

KSGF (Springfield): Nick Reed Show: Sen. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) on Protect Freedom PAC endorsement (2:30), national COVID mandates for schools and businesses (4:30), fiscal policy (7:15), Dems’ court-packing proposal (12:15), Gov. Parson “riding the fence” on COVID mandates (16:30), what sets him apart from other 7th CD GOP candidates (18:15)

Washington Missourian: Aaron Griesheimer leaving House seat, Senate election

Missouri Independent: New redistricting rules reduce county splits in Missouri House map

Missouri Independent: Bipartisan commission moving toward plan for new Missouri House districts

SE Missourian: Local GOP groups to gather Thursday to honor former elected officials Peter Kinder, Mary Kasten, David Schwab, Mark Richardson, Jim Graham, Patrick Naeger and Bill Foster

KC Star: Interactive graph: Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows median weekly wages across Missouri

P-D: Missouri is in good position to host World Cup soccer, Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe says

SNL: Former Springfield councilman Justin Burnett to lead local Missouri Faith Voices chapter, says fighting for Critical Race Theory will be a top priority

Columbia Missourian: Columbia Public Schools drops mask mandate inside district buildings effective Jan. 4

KC Star: Smithville and Kearney districts in Clay County drop mask requirements

KCUR: Jackson, St. Louis counties complain ‘chaos now reigns’ after Missouri judge’s health department ruling

KCUR: Lee’s Summit School District attorney says Schmitt’s effort “invites lawlessness”

Missouri Independent: Jackson and St. Louis counties say Schmitt has created ‘chaos’ in public health

St. Louis Public Radio: SLU Law School professor shares his opinion on Missouri’s mask mandates

The Missouri Times:  Rep. Craig Fishel (R-Springfield) to chair Consent and House Procedures Committee

St. Joseph News-Press: Push for sports gambling legalization on deck in Missouri

Missourinet: No more waiting list for Missouri Public Defender System services

The Missouri Times:  Bobby Bostic to be released from prison next year

Joplin Globe editorial: Sen. Blunt leads the way on a new model for wildlife conservation

Missouri Independent’s Phill Brooks: A trip down memory lane showcasing the bipartisanship and camaraderie of Sen. Richard Webster, Danny Staples vs. Lacy Clay, more

KC Star op-ed: Lee’s Summit Board of Education Vice President Megan Marshall: “Disgusting” Eric Schmitt “calls for the video recording and bullying of children wearing masks” in “Hail Mary attempt” to win U.S. Senate seat

Columbia Missourian’s Ken Midkiff: “Belligerent” and “stupid” Eric Schmitt on a “mission to allow COVID-19 to spread among young adults and children”

KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman: EXCLUSIVE: E-mail thread shows copyediting, word change suggestions for standby statement regarding special election for vacant Festus state rep seat

P-D letter: Wildwood man considers Schmitt’s battle against mask mandates “revolting”

P-D letter: St. Louis man defends Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan, says Show-Me Institute’s Aaron Hedlund and Andrew Wilson are liars and incapable “of feeling shame or even empathy”

P-D letter: St. Louis septuagenarian thinks the Post-Dispatch provides “accurate and in-depth information”

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