Sunday, December 26, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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Politico: The Worst Political Predictions of 2021: When the St. Louis Post-Dispatch gave Cori Bush “a pat on the head” over eviction slumber party

The Missouri Times: Chez Monet serving up food in the Capitol again

JCNT: Missouri’s Bright Flight scholarship scoring to change in 2023

JCNT: Mid-Missouri schools see smaller enrollment drop than national, state trends

P-D editorial reprint from August 28, 2016: Adhering to Pulitzer’s platform means embracing liberal candidates; Democracy has been hurt by “video games, YouTube kittens, porn and blogging pseudo-journalism”

CDT op-ed: Monroe County Associate County Commissioner Marilyn O’Bannon: Misleading Missourians is the real aim of the Grain Belt Express

SNL letters: Springfield septuagenarian calls Billy Long “a joke,” is unaware that congressman is not running for re-election; Willow Springs sexagenarian calls Eric Schmitt and Scott Fitzpatrick “fascists,” says they engage in “thuggery”

KC Star letters: Raytown woman wants Gov. Parson, state lawmakers to fight Schmitt and Fitzpatrick over COVID policies; “Friends Committee on National Legislation” thanks Hawley, Cori Bush, Emanuel Cleaver for supporting repeal of 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force

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