Thursday, December 30, 2021 – Missouri political news headlines

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Missouri Independent: University of Missouri professors want tighter federal regulations for water runoff, blame farmers and ranchers for pollution

St. Louis Public Radio: University of Missouri researchers on the benefits of government red tape: “Why would we talk about what we regulate? Because the point is we regulate to help”

Washington Post’s “The Lily” publication for millennial women: The new face of the pro-life movement is a young mom of 6 who listens to Lizzo; State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) just filed a Texas-style heartbeat bill in Missouri

Twitter, yesterday (12/29/21): Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman calls out KC Star reporters Judy Thomas and Laura Bauer for publishing 1900-word story about Missouri AG and omitting the name “Eric Schmitt”, yesterday (12/29/21): KC Star’s Judy Thomas and Laura Bauer: Missouri AG files new, more serious child sex charges against boarding school doctor; Four (4) references to Missouri “attorney general,” zero (0) uses of name “Eric Schmitt”

KC Star’s Judy Thomas and Laura Bauer, today: Missouri AG says ‘shocking’ crimes led to charges against boarding school doctor; Reporters use Eric Schmitt’s name three (3) times

SNL: Agape Boarding School doctor wanted on felony sex crime charges arrested in Arkansas

Columbia Missourian’s Srijita Datta: Attorney general’s office sees end to SAFE kit testing backlog; Eight (8) references to “attorney general’s office,” zero (0) uses of “Eric Schmitt”

Columbia Missourian: Green wave: The push for recreational marijuana legalization and how local businesses adapt

Columbia Missourian: Missouri Made Marijuana’s cultivation facility experiences challenges in first year of operations

SE Missourian: Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) applauds Gov. Parson’s call for federal tornado help

JCNT: Gov. Parson introduces two new department directors

Missourinet: Gov. Parson names two state department directors

The Missouri Times:  ‘Not a more dedicated public servant’: Wayne Wallingford named Revenue director 

SE Missourian: Wayne Wallingford calls new DOR director’s job a ‘perfect fit’

P-D: Gov. Parson picks veteran Missouri lawmaker to oversee state tax agency

The Missouri Times:  Valerie Huhn named new Department of Mental Health director

Columbia Missourian: Gov. Parson announces new directors for departments of mental health, revenue

The Missouri Times:  Judge Darrell Missey to lead Children’s Division

Missourinet: Director Anne Precythe says Missouri Department of Corrections has added two units dedicated to the well-being of its staff

St. Louis Public Radio: 2022 General Assembly legislative preview: Education feature: Federal funding, charter schools

The Missouri Times:  Missouri Legislature could appropriate funds for historic Jefferson City Amtrak station repairs

P-D: Gov. Parson says he believes prosecutor will bring charges in Post-Dispatch case

P-D: Video: Gov. Parson on Post-Dispatch’s involvement in DESE web vulnerability case

SE Missourian: Discovery TV crime show features 2020 assault on youth in downtown Cape Girardeau

P-D: Video: ‘It’s total confusion on the federal level,’ Gov. Parson says of COVID-19 guidelines

St. Louis Public Radio: Fewer people who get COVID-19 are dying in Missouri

Missourinet: DHSS: Variety of free testing available in Missouri, Delta variant is still dominant

KC Star: Can’t find an at-home COVID test? The state of Missouri will ship you one for free

P-D: Regional China virus update

SNL: Regional China virus update

SE Missourian: Omicron variant detected in Cape, Perryville wastewater

CDT: No print editions for subscribers on Friday or Saturday

P-D editorial: 2021 in review: Josh Hawley should resign, and the deceased Rush Limbaugh is responsible for GOP’s “toxic, scorched-earth approach to politics”

KC Star letter: Septuagenarian man who chooses to live in Kansas suggests Eric Schmitt is not “intelligent”

P-D letter: St. Louis woman is “livid” at Missouri lawmakers over COVID, says she was forced to “skip my college roommate’s wedding”

P-D letter: Ballwin septuagenarian opposes hedge’s fund purchase of Post-Dispatch, cheers Tony Messenger and “in-depth reporting”

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