Monday, January 3, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Capitol Calendar for this week: U.S. Rep. Jason Smith visit Hannibal for HRCC event; Missouri Chamber conference; HRCC fundraiser in Jefferson City; Bob Onder’s 60th birthday bash

SNL: Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott serves advisory role for new national law enforcement group; Protect America Now to focus on illegal immigration

SNL: Video: Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott speaks in Protect America Now video: “We are elected sheriffs moving together to honor the Constitution as it was written” Kansas City Star website keeps old news on front page, wants readers to hand over nearly a thousand bucks a year in order to read their opinion screeds

SE Missourian: Michael Moroni, southeast Missouri’s representative on House redistricting, confident of deal

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri House and Senate redistricting maps remain unsettled

Washington Missourian: Local lawmakers list policy priorities: Congressional redistricting, budget, voter ID, vaccine mandates, critical race theory, eyebrow tattoos

P-D: 2022 General Assembly legislative preview

P-D: Efforts to repeal Missouri’s gasoline tax hike face uphill climb in Legislature

Missouri Independent’s Tessa Weinberg: GOP lawmakers renew effort to bar Planned Parenthood from Missouri Medicaid program; Comments from Planned Parenthood, Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold), Sam Lee of “Campaign Life for Missouri [sic]”

JCNT: Medical marijuana sales in Missouri top $200M, meeting expected projections

Washington Missourian: Districts, DESE downplay significance of end-of-course testing

Columbia Missourian: State sees high demand for for COVID-19 testing

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: Missouri’s minimum wage hike, via 2018’s Proposition B, is a well-intentioned initiative with unforeseen consequences

P-D editorial: GOP’s pandemic pandering betrays both public health and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce

Washington Post’s Henry Olsen: Don’t dismiss Josh Hawley

Missouri Independent op-ed: Hemp farmer Michael Desmond: Missouri’s marijuana legalization efforts should learn from the legal hemp industry

Columbia Missourian’s Conor Giffin: Scars from coal mining remain in Boone County, but nature may be repairing the problem

KC Star’s Hurubie Meko and Kaitlin Washburn: Gun-control advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America: Missouri General Assembly spent the past 15 years deregulating access to firearms, leading to KC’s 2nd worst year for homicides; Why Missouri Democrats’ gun-control bills are needed to stop the violence

St. Louis Public Radio/Report for America grantee Eric Schmid: Asian population booms in St. Louis region; Amid parental pushback on critical race theory, Korea native Amy Ryan runs for Rockwood School Board: “The loud people are not what this district is all about.”

SNL’s Outdoors Reporter Sara Karnes: Cox Health CEO Steve Edwards delivers poignant messages on omicron crisis, vaccine misinformation and Eric Schmitt

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