Friday, January 7, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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JCNT: Lawmakers hear call for unity, compassion at governor’s prayer breakfast

St. Joseph News-Press: Hawley: Legacy of Jan. 6 is Biden using events to govern with a state of emergency, turn law enforcement powers against Americans

P-D: Liberal groups hold rally near Galleria shopping mall to commemorate Jan. 6 Capitol riot, complain about voting laws; Cori Bush, Emanuel Cleaver dial in

KCUR’s Up to Date with Steve Kraske: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver declares Jan. 6 attack on U.S Capitol an ‘attempted coup’ Kansas City pretends to care about insurrection anniversary; Roundup of local breathless coverage

JCNT: Election security gets spotlight at Capitol rally

SNL: On Jan. 6 anniversary, Missouri’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates dismissive of Capitol riot hysteria

St. Louis Public Radio:  Jan. 6 anniversary week series: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: Al Watkins on fighting for the ‘QAnon Shaman’

P-D: Woman tied to Capitol riots was wrong-way driver in fatal Franklin County crash 2016 U.S. Senate silver medalist Jason Kander (D) takes to Twitter to announce he has COVID, had a very rough day and is turning to drugs to ease the pain

The Missouri Times:  Missouri rural health care facilities warn of federal vaccine mandate consequences Kansas City Star’s new office? A P.O. box

P-D: Redistricting plan from House Minority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) would make Ann Wagner’s district more competitive, Bush’s stretch west

KWOS (Jefferson City): The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh: Rep. Sara Walsh (R-Ashland) on congressional campaign, state legislative priorities

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Scott Faughn on congressional redistricting (2:30 and 9:45), Gov. Parson’s priorities (4:30), GOP U.S. Senate primary and one of Vicky Hartzler’s advantages (6:40), sports gambling (7:45)

The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson not planning to grant Ashcroft’s request for special elections at this time

SE Missourian: Local party leaders weigh in on Gov. Parson’s decision of no special election

SE Missourian: John Voss (R) to run for Wayne Wallingford’s open House seat

Missouri Independent: Jay Ashcroft pushes for governor to call special elections for vacant Missouri House seats

The Missouri Times:  ‘Olive branch’: PQ rule change floated as potential peace offering in Senate

KWOS (Jefferson City):  MoDOT Director Pat McKenna on gas tax, employee pay

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking podcast: Rep. Dirk Deaton (R-Noel) on congressional redistricting, state budget, Medicaid albatross, federal largesse

KWOS (Jefferson City):  The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh: Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-O’Fallon) on transportation funding, gas tax increase, 7-1 vs. 6-2 congressional maps, COVID bills, state employee pay, Second Amendment Preservation Act

P-D: Democrats aim to chip away at Second Amendment Preservation Act

KC Star: Missouri Republicans unlikely to capitulate on Second Amendment Preservation Act

JCNT: MOSERS investments show positive growth

St. Joseph News-Press: Missouri State Teachers Association wants local say in Missouri Assessment Program protocols

KCUR: After a decade-long wait, Kansas City Public Schools’ quest for full accreditation could be over soon

Missourinet: Gov. Parson responds to opponents’ complaints about “state of emergency”

P-D: Schmitt sues to overturn new St. Louis County mask order TKC told you so! Kansas City COVID mask comeback

Missouri Independent: Kansas City reinstates mask mandate for K-12 schools

KC Star: Lucas to introduce new mask mandate for Kansas City schools

KC Star: KC mayor says no current plans to reinstate broad mask mandate

St. Louis Public Radio:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  St. Louis City Health Director Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis on the harrowing battle against omicron sniffles apocalypse “Flurona” rollout update: Local doctor insists viral cocktail is very serious

Washington Missourian: State, regional China virus update

P-D: Regional China virus update

P-D editorial: There’s no easy way to keep schools open, but defying AG Eric Schmitt is a good start

P-D’s Grace Zokovitch: One year after the Jan. 6 insurrection, Missouri Republicans cheer recycled and debunked claims fueling the rioters that day

KC Star’s Jeanne Kuang: Republican lawmakers, activists host proponent of Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’

The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau’s Garrett Hawkins: Broadband, property rights among top Farm Bureau priorities in 2022 legislative session

P-D’s Michele Munz: COVID-19 patients overwhelm St. Louis-area hospitals

KC Star letters: Lanagan septuagenarian criticizes Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt over COVID policies; Raymore septuagenarian cheers Daniel Desrochers’ anti-Hawley series

P-D letter: Creve Coeur octogenarian says Gov. Parson is fiddling while Missouri burns

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