Thursday, January 13, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Joseph News-Press: Hawley expresses concern with COVID test availability

The Missouri Times:  Redistricting committee approves congressional map that doesn’t split Ray County

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri House committee advances 6-2 Republican majority congressional redistricting map KC mayor earns Politico love via Zoom call; Quinton Lucas calls Missouri AG Eric Schmitt a “charlatan”; Schmitt’s office responds

Washington Missourian: 22-year-old Emily Hernandez pleads guilty for role in Capitol riot

Daily Mail (UK): Former St. Louis County area student loses Rhodes scholarship over ‘false narrative’; Whitfield graduate manufactured tale of being “queer, first generation, low income” student, scored picture with Squad captain AOC

SNL: News-Leader to quit publishing a Saturday print edition

SE Missourian: Michael Moroni (D) has ‘high hopes’ for today’s state House redistricting meeting

KCUR: KC Democrat senators note superiority over GOP counterparts; Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City): “Democrats are there to work, and we are the adults in the room”

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking podcast: Sen. Karla May (D-St. Louis City) on Dem legislative priorities, thoughts on spending federal largesse, congressional redistricting, education and marijuana

St. Louis Public Radio:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: SLU associate English professor promotes book about being a liberal and rejecting compromise

The Missouri Times:  Should initiative petition threshold be raised? Lawmakers begin work on bill changing process

KC Star: Missouri Republicans renew effort to raise bar for voter changes to state constitution

KWOS (Jefferson City):  The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh: Rep. Brian Seitz (R-Branson) on Dave Schatz’s conservative campaign: “your vote tells you what you are, not your social media activity” (6:00); critical race theory (1:45); why Republicans must move aggressively on conservative legislation (3:30); 7-1 vs. 6-2 map (4:15); gas tax (5:00); defense of SAPA (6:00); spending federal largesse on MoDOT and need for legislative oversight (7:50); why marijuana is a “gateway drug” (11:15)

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Show-Me Institute’s Patrick Ishmael on disagreement with Gov. Parson over “anti-transparency” stance on Sunshine Law attorney-review legal fees

P-D: Gov. Parson’s supply chain task force to begin meeting

JCNT: Missouri Senate committee approves 13 of governor’s appointments

JCNT: Bill from Rep. Dave Griffith (R-Jefferson City) seeks to place children with relatives, instead of foster care

KC Star: Two Missouri Republican lawmakers propose prison nursery to keep incarcerated mothers with their newborns

The Missouri Times:  Exclusive: Schmitt’s office says 100+ police departments clear backlog of untested, reported rape kits

KC Star: Rape, sodomy, assault: 3 in Missouri win retrials, faced accusers by video during COVID

KRES/KWIX (Moberly): Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin (R-Shelbina) wants career tech path for more northern Missouri high schools

KCUR: Up to Date with Steve Kraske: Kansas City Public Schools superintendent surprised that they won full accreditation so quickly

SNL: Rep. Bishop Davidson (R-Republic) wants to raise age of ‘missing child’ to include 17-year-olds

KCUR: Workers who care for people with disabilities want more money from state; Comments from Dept. of Mental Health’s Valerie Huhn

Missouri Independent: EPA denies extension for Ameren to stop dumping coal ash, gypsum at two power plants

P-D: Proposed Missouri vaccine mandate restrictions raise workers’ rights, religious belief debates

Missouri Independent: Missouri businesses oppose ban on COVID vaccine mandates

KC Star: Jackson County liberal pulls health ordinance, blames AG Eric Schmitt: “I have had colleagues say to me they are afraid they are going to be shot.” Smearing legit political opposition by assigning vague threats of violence to their side is a totally irresponsible and reprehensible tactic

SNL: COVID regulations force Missouri schools to deal with severe staff shortage

KCUR: Up to Date with Steve Kraske: Male nurse explains health care workers’ new sympathy angle: “compassion fatigue”

Missouri Independent: State, regional China virus update

P-D editorial: Lawmakers propose bills to let parents block fact-based school instruction

KC Star editorial: Gov. Mike Parson vs. Missouri Sunshine Law: Government records don’t belong to politicians

Joplin Globe editorial: If you are unvaccinated, you do not truly support health care workers

The Missouri Times op-ed: Missouri Chamber’s Dan Mehan: Overview of Chamber’s 2022 legislative agenda

The Missouri Times op-ed: Conner Kerrigan:  Missouri should use surplus funds to update government’s technological infrastructure

Missouri Independent’s Rebecca Rivas: After years of watching voters support progressive policies, Republican lawmakers once again pushing to make the initiative petition process harder

P-D’s Kurt Erickson: Missouri Republicans resume campaign to shut down state’s lone abortion provider, at a time when the procedure is already strictly limited in the state

P-D letter: Clayton man upset that Ann Wagner did not attend House Dems’ Jan. 6 commemoration

P-D letter: Ferguson sexagenarian says she believes Gov. Parson “fell off a turnip truck and landed in the governor’s seat,” attempts “Misery/Missouri” homophone punchline

P-D letter: University City septuagenarian criticizes Eric Schmitt for opposing mask mandates, attempts smoking and seat belt analogies

P-D letter: Creve Coeur sexagenarian wants St. Louis city and county to merge and secede to flee conservative Missouri

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