Tuesday, January 18, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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This Week in Missouri Politics: Panel of Reps. Ashley Bland Manlove (D) and Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold), Democratic strategist and lobbyist Jane Dueker and GOP consultant Jim Gwinner discuss congressional redistricting machinations (1:00); Supreme Court rulings on vaccine mandates (8:15); charter school funding and foundation formula (17:30); pro-life legislation (24:45)

KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Lucas Kunce on his “insider trading” proposal (1:00); criticisms of blind-trust proposals (2:15); criticisms of Democratic Party and big tech (4:50); thoughts on Missouri Democratic Party’s thin bench (6:45)

St. Louis Public Radio: What makes a town ‘rural’? The answer can mean the difference of billions in federal aid

JCNT: Missouri to receive millions in federal bridge funding

SE Missourian: MoDOT gets funding to address flooding issues on Highway 177 in Cape Girardeau County

JCNT: Amtrak forgives millions in state debt

JCNT: Missouri House committee to hear proposed changes to initiative process

AP: Gov. Parson’s COVID task force issues recommendations for small businesses

P-D: Missouri governor banks on pay increase to address hiring challenges

JCNT: Missouri lawmakers seek to mandate access for health care visitors

Missouri Independent: Bipartisan group of Missouri lawmakers hope to close domestic violence gun loophole

Missouri Independent: Bill from Rep. Jim Murphy (R-St. Louis County) would block Missouri cities, counties from enacting EV charging station mandate

SNL: Missouri Department of Conservation offers virtual program on learning to hunt, trap coyotes, other common predators

Missouri Independent: Missouri logs mildest December on record

P-D: Regional China virus update; hospital admissions dips

St. Louis Public Radio’s Sarah Fentem: How unvaccinated kids are helping transmit COVID in their households, putting loved ones at risk and keeping the virus spreading among communities

KC Star’s Lisa Guttierez: How the unvaccinated cause headaches for KC COVID nurses: Gals compare hospital work to “Stockholm syndrome,” complain about how job undermines after-work hobbies, explain why braiding each other’s hair is a form of “self-care”

Joplin Globe editorial: Missouri House should OK redistricting plan

Washington Missourian editorial: On employer vaccines, Missouri lawmakers should let companies decide what’s best

The Missouri Times op-ed: Missouri Farm Bureau’s Garrett Hawkins: Farm Bureau survey paints tentative picture of 2022

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