Monday, February 14, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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KCUR: Cori Bush says landlords collecting overdue rent is “a death sentence” for black women

This Week in Missouri Politics: Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) talks with Scott Faughn about redistricting impasse (0:45); downside of 7-1 maps (1:45); strengthening Ann Wagner’s district (7:00); thoughts on Conservative Caucus calling him a RINO even though they support gambling bills and tax credits” (10:00); using the PQ to end filibuster (12:30); panel of Reps. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs), Bishop Davidson (R-Republic), and Maggie Nurrenbern (D-Kansas City) and Adam Sommer of the Heartland Pod on supplemental budget spending and state employee pay raises (16:30); congressional redistricting (19:30); education bills including Parents’ Bill of Rights (23:50)

KRES/KWIX (Moberly): Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) on Legislature distributing school funding, state employee pay raises, Medicaid money

Kansas City Beacon, via KCUR: Missouri House approved millions in COVID funds for Kansas City-area schools. What’s next?

KRES/KWIX (Moberly): Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) comments on court challenge of Second Amendment Preservation Act and why local law enforcement supports the measure

Missouri Independent: In administrative settlement, Rep. Patricia Derges (R-Nixa) acknowledges she violated state and federal controlled substance laws

P-D: Inmates complain as Missouri prisons deal with shortages of apparel, hygiene products and other items

P-D: State hammers Spire about pipeline messages, but stops shy of formal complaint

CDT’s Aarik Danielsen: How MU grad Shannon Watts tells a different story about gun control

Missouri Independent’s Rebecca Rivas: DeVerne Calloway’s legacy in Missouri politics celebrated during Black History Month

P-D letter: Crestwood octogenarian labels GOP state lawmakers “callous,” “depraved” and “irresponsible”

P-D letter: St. Charles octogenenarian complains about back pain, says GOP lawmakers make him feel ashamed to be from Missouri

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