Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Missouri Times: Schmitt holding fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago

JCNT: Filing Day recap: U.S. Senate, local state legislative candidates

Missouri Independent: Filing Day recap: Comments from U.S. Senate candidates, 4th Congressional District’s Sara Walsh (R), 7th Congressional District’s Alex Bryant (R)

St. Louis Public Radio: Filing Day recap: Comments from U.S. Senate candidates, Sara Walsh, Bill White, Deb Lavender, Jay Ashcroft

SNL: Filing Day recap: Comments from U.S. Senate candidates

Columbia Missourian: Filing Day recap: Comments from U.S. Senate candidates

KY3’s Marina Silva: Filing Day recap: Comments from “Vicky Hartlzer [sic]” “Dave Shatz [sic]” and others

Billy Long (@auctnr1) on Twitter: Response to KY3 leaving him out of U.S. Senate coverage

Columbia Missourian: Filing Day recap: Former Rep. Alan Green (D-Florissant) volunteers to fill Democrats’ state auditor ballot slot; Comments from 4th Congressional District candidate Sara Walsh, others

Joplin Globe: Filing Day recap: Comments from 7th Congressional District candidate Audrey Richards

SNL: Springfield Councilwoman Angela Romine resigns to run for State Senate, primary Lincoln Hough

CDT: Changes to House districts help some Boone County candidates, but not all

SE Missourian: Cape Girardeau’s Andy Leighton to run again for state House; Local Democratic Party chairman lost 2020 election to Wayne Wallingford in 26-point nailbiter

The Missouri Times: Combest: How to Win an Election Silver Medal (Without Really Trying): A step-by-step guide for #moleg vanity candidates TKC Must-Read! Show-Me Guide for Vanity Candidates!

KCTV (Kansas City): Legal Missouri 2022 gets pushback from advocates

Columbia Missourian: Sports betting proposal revived in Missouri Legislature

Columbia Missourian: Missouri House passes two bills blocking COVID-19 vaccine mandates

P-D: Missouri’s stalled Senate now embroiled in dress code drama because lawmaker wore bib overalls

P-D: Video: St. Louis Blues official discusses sports wagering bills

The Heartlander: Bill from Rep. Brad Hudson (R-Cape Fair) would give more Missouri seniors, disabled increased property tax relief

Columbia Missourian: House bills aim to get qualified teachers into classrooms to fill hard-to-staff subject areas 

KCUR: Up to Date: How Missouri parents and lawmakers standing up against critical race theory and LGBTQIA* trainings “endangers” the education system

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske: Trailnet program coordinator says number of crashes occuring in “black and other marginalized communities” shows systemic racism of traffic, wants Missouri lawmakers to pass mandatory driver’s ed or texting-while-driving laws

KC Star: Empower Missouri sues state over DSS call center wait times; Woman says waiting on hold to secure handouts “was real stressful”

Missouri Independent: Lawsuit from Empower Missouri, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, et al. alleges Missourians have to wait too long for handouts

P-D: Gov. Parson says he still has questions about disclosure of teachers’ Social Security numbers

Missouri Independent: Beef processing facility near KC in violation of Missouri regulations for polluting waters

Missourinet: Missouri DHSS’ rapid coronavirus testing program relaunched using different distributors

KC Star: Omicron is on its way out of KC with COVID hospitalization and death numbers dropping

KC Star editorial: Insurrection, racism, appeasement: Call it the Hawley Trinity

JCNT editorial: Missouri’s No. 1 industry is agriculture, and FFA continues to shape the lives of Missourians

Missouri Independent op-ed: Taylor Hirth: It’s time Missouri lawmakers close the domestic violence gun loophole

Columbia Missourian’s Mavis Chan: Missouri Senate adjourned Tuesday “without making any progress. On anything.”

P-D’s “The Chat Room” video series: Liberal columnists Tony Messenger and Aisha Sultan: How dangerous is Gov. Mike Parson’s failed attempt to prosecute a Post-Dispatch reporter?

SNL’s Andrew Sullender: Missouri clinics are prescribing patients debunked COVID-19 treatments like ivermectin and spreading disinformation about the disease’s vaccines

P-D letter: Manchester sexagenarian attempts analogy involving measles vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine, suggests children not subjected to COVID vaccine should be sent to “separate but equal” schools

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