Saturday, February 26, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Joseph News-Press: Roy Blunt visits the 139th Airlift Wing, talks Russia-Ukraine

Fox News: Missouri GOP U.S. Senate showdown: At CPAC, Eric Greitens says he’s the ‘only real’ Trump candidate in race (link via

AP Pennsylvania reporters Jeff McMillan and Marc Levy: In attacking trans people like University of Pennsylvania champion swimmer Lia Thomas, Vicky Hartzler and other GOP candidates find latest wedge issue to exploit Podcast network attempts to rebrand 2016 U.S. Senate runner-up Jason Kander’s show; Company rep notes “a huge decline in listenership” after Trump left office

SNL: Springfield Police Department seizes hundreds of counterfeit pills – coming from Mexico – containing fentanyl

The Missouri Times: Wayne Wallingford redefines risk in his service to Missouri

JCNT: Judges asked to move quickly on state Senate district map

Missouri Independent: Judges must produce Missouri Senate map before candidate filing closes

Columbia Missourian’s Cameron Barnard: Judicial Redistricting Committee hearing reiterates the need for a map; Comments from “Shane Shoeller [sic]”

JCNT: State’s biggest sports teams rooting for wagering bills

P-D: Missouri lawmakers look to ban eviction moratoriums; Comments from Rep. Chris Brown (R-Kansas City), Empower Missouri’s Jeremy LaFaver

P-D: Missouri gas station operator charged with illegal gambling in Lincoln County

P-D: ‘Slow down and move over’: MoDOT crews set to repair potholes in St. Louis region

Joplin Globe editorial: Jack Danforth is right – Missouri politics are too polarized

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: GOP Medicaid bill not an attack on Medicaid expansion but a chance to improve it and fix flaws

Daily American Republic editorial: Gov. Parson’s treatment of reporter is unacceptable

The Missouri Times op-ed: Scott Bell: Eminent domain changes: What’s next this session

P-D letter: St. Louis City septuagenarian thinks pro-life U.S. Senate candidate running as an independent could win

KC Star letters: Kansas City septuagenarian says Josh Hawley is Putin’s “pet”; Kansas City man attempts punchline involving calling Hawley and Sam Graves “comrade”; transportation advocate wants state lawmakers to boost Amtrak funding; Kansas City man criticizes Star for inadequate coverage of Dems’ U.S. Senate primary featuring “two [sic] candidates”

P-D letter: Town and Country woman lectures Eric Schmitt about value of mask mandates, says “another variant is on the horizon,” wants Congress to fund $17 billion global vaccination effort

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