Friday, March 25, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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SE Missourian: U.S. Rep. Jason Smith says he’s working to get Missourians out of Ukraine

KCMO: Pete Mundo Show: Kellyanne Conway says Trump’s note on Billy Long is “the most definitive statement that any of the U.S. Senate candidates in Missouri” has received from Trump (1:30); other candidate putting “phony, fake polls” in front of Trump (3:00); quick oppo hits on Eric Schmitt and Vicky Hartzler (3:25); Eric Greitens’ visit to Mar-a-Lago (5:50); criticisms of Eric Schmitt (7:00) and Vicky Hartzler (7:45)

KC Star’s Daniel Desrocher’s new weekly column: Thoughts on Josh Hawley’s attacks on first black Supreme Court nominee; Eric Greitens fallout; Trump’s statement on Billy Long; other opinions

St. Louis Public Radio: New census estimates: Residents continue to flee St. Louis City and St. Louis County for St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties

P-D: Latest population estimates show St. Louis City losing population (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

JCNT: Crews to stabilize Missouri River banks damaged from 2019 floods (hop over News-Tribune paywall here)

Nielsen: Monthly Kansas City radio rankings: KCMO ranked #3 overall; KCUR ranked #4

P-D: Radio ratings show skirmishes between similar stations (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

Nielsen: Monthly St. Louis radio rankings: KMOX ranked #11 overall, conservative 97.1FM Talk ranked #13; liberal public access station KDHX #16; St. Louis Public Radio #17; 97.1 FM stream ranked #19; new conservative station “The Patriot” 104.9FM ranked #20

The Missouri Times: Combest, 20 for 20, Part 1: Some brand-new conservative talk radio stations won’t need to crack top 25 rankings: Production model “not subject to the old paradigm of ‘ratings = ad dollars,’ since lobbyist and donor money creates an artificial floor.”

P-D’s Blythe Bernhard: School board races across St. Louis marked by anti-equity push from the right; Conservatives use “critical race theory” as epithet to attack anti-racism efforts (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

KC Star: Facebook could invest $40B in Kansas City data center, rake in billions in incentives

KCUR: Facebook comes to Kansas City: Meta selects Northland for $800 million data center

SE Missourian: Gov. Parson announces unprecedented ‘partnership’ opportunities for education, workforce development

JCNT: Missouri women of achievement honored; Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe presents awards (hop over News-Tribune paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Missouri Senate breaks deadlock on congressional redistricting

SNL: Missouri Senate passes congressional map, breaking deadlock amid deadline and lawsuits

Columbia Missourian: Senate approves new congressional map that splits Columbia

P-D: Logjam breaks in Missouri Senate, new congressional map sent to House (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

St. Louis Public Radio: Legislative roundup: Missouri Senate approves congressional map; House approves sports betting

SNL: Missouri House approves bill legalizing sports betting on college, pro teams

JCNT: Senate bill eyes homeless solutions (hop over News-Tribune paywall here)

Columbia Missourian: House committee hears bill to ban homeless encampments, build shelters

P-D: Missouri House advances measure to ‘lock in’ Holocaust awareness (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

P-D editorial board’s “Up for Discussion” video series: Editor Tod Robberson and editorial board members Antonio French and Kevin McDermott: Ongoing questions surrounding the death of Cora Faith Walker

SE Missourian editorial: Eric Greitens should leave U.S. Senate race

KC Star editorial: Thanks for nothing, Mayor Q: Your loss of nerve just cost KC any hope of local control, and state lawmakers will continue their appaling effort to dictate government choices

NPR’s Barbara Sprunt and Huo Jingnan: Josh Hawley’s misleading attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson fuel a surge in online conspiracy chatter

P-D’s Tony Messenger: Sheena Greitens takes back her ‘power and control’ from ex-husband (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Missouri Farm Bureau’s Garrett Hawkins: What the Legislature should tackle in the second half of session

KC Star’s Jonathan Shorman: Missouri Senate’s mainstream Republicans growing tired of the Conservative Caucus’ aggressive tactics

KC Star “Service Journalism Team’s” Joseph Hernandez: Driving on I-70 feels unsafe, doesn’t it? Complain to MoDOT here

The Missouri Times op-ed: St. Louis area GOP grassroots leader Maryann Manion: Missouri is overdue for an update to its statute of limitations

P-D letter: St. Charles octogenarian mocks Missouri Republicans for Greitens controversy (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

P-D letter: “Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice” organizer opposes GOP Medicaid legislation (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

P-D letter: Oakville septuagenarian pleased that ectopic pregnancy legislation was changed (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

P-D letter: Norristown, Pennsylvania man compares Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) to slavery advocates (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

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