Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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KC Star’s Bryan Lowry and Daniel Desrochers: Sen. Josh Hawley says he missed a call from Trump on morning of Jan. 6 insurrection (avoid KC Star paywall via McClatchy DC site here)

KC Star’s Daniel Desrochers: Analysis of Trudy Busch Valentine’s campaign rollout: “Her launch was rocky” (avoid KC Star paywall via McClatchy DC site here)

P-D: Candidate filing roundup: Lucas Kunce vs. “billionaire heiresses”; Steve Roberts vs. Cori Bush; state legislative primaries (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Beer heiress joins Missouri Democratic primary for U.S. Senate

SNL: Anheuser-Busch heiress Trudy Busch Valentine running for U.S. Senate

97.1 FM Talk (St. Louis): Marc Cox Show: Former state Sen. John Lamping (R-Ladue) on Trudy Busch Valentine’s background, ties to Joyce Aboussie and Claire McCaskill (1:15); why Lucas Kunce can’t overcome Valentine’s money (2:30); thoughts on Remington Research GOP U.S. Senate poll (4:45); Valentine’s campaign decreases the likelihood of Dems taking GOP primary ballot (5:25) Progressives don’t seem too excited about Hillary Clinton Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine getting into the fray

Fox4 KC: Thieves break into Lucas Kunce’s campaign office; crime is nearly identical to another break-in reported by Independence city councilman

KWOS (Jefferson City):  The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh: Mark McCloskey says Eric Greitens is “one disturbed man” (1:00); why electing Eric Greitens might be worse than electing a Democrat (2:15); cryptocurrency (3:00); why “transgenders” don’t actually exist (5:00); why he could dominate most female professional athletes today (6:00); which federal agencies he’d eliminate (6:30); whether Donald Trump should run again (8:00); fundraising and his “grassroots campaign”

The Missouri Times: 2/22/22: Combest: What it means when a candidate tells you they’re running “a grassroots campaign”

97.1 FM Talk (St. Louis): Marc Cox Show: Steve Roberts on Cori Bush’s grandstanding (2:30); why police departments deserve to be properly funded and trained (3:15); Bush’s “indefensible” positions against Boeing and NGA (4:30); legislation to honor local police hero (5:15)

SE Missourian: Cape Girardeau city councilman announces General Assembly bid; Nate Thomas enters GOP primary, makes it a three-way dance for Wayne Wallingford’s open House seat

SNL: Lincoln Hough, Betsy Fogle running for re-election against challengers

SNL: AJ Exner challenging Rep. Betsy Fogle for east Springfield House seat

KRCG (Jefferson City): Supporters of the Cannabis Freedom Act fill Capitol rotunda for rally

Missourinet: Federal, state officials mark 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War in virtual ceremony

JCNT: State thanks Vietnam veterans with virtual ceremony (hop over News-Tribune paywall here)

Missourinet: House rejects Senate redistricting map, proposes conference committee

Missouri Independent: Candidate filing closes without action on Missouri congressional map

P-D: Missouri House votes for conference with Senate on congressional map (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

KC Star new statehouse reporter Kacen Bayless: Missouri House halts congressional map as candidate filing expires; Comments from “Rep. Nick Schroer (R-St. Charles [sic])”

SE Missourian: Bill from Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) to remove grocery tax is headed to House floor

P-D: Legislation to restrict abortion-inducing drugs advances in Missouri House (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Missouri House blocks effort to limit access to out-of-state abortions

KC Star: Missouri House sidesteps allowing lawsuits over helping women get abortions out of state

Missouri Independent: Lawmakers weigh bills to offer suicide prevention training as mental health issues rise

KMIZ (Columbia): Gov. Parson to hold press conference today regarding Missouri’s COVID-19 response

KC Star: ‘Stealth omicron’ variant is unlikely to hit KC as hard as past variants, experts say

KC Star editorial: Ranked choice voting can break the extremist partisan fever ruining Missouri politics

KC Star op-ed: Former U.S. attorney for Kansas: If you support law enforcement, you should want Missouri to legalize medical [sic] marijuana with Cannabis Freedom Act

Midwest Newsroom/Missouri Independent’s race reporter Niara Savage and environmental reporter Allison Kite: Lead-contamination series: Missouri House bill would cut down on poisonous lead in school drinking water

P-D letter: Wentzville octogenarian attempts sarcastic analogy involving Mary Elizabeth Coleman, credit cards and Planned Parenthood (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

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