Monday, April 18, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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This Week in Missouri Politics: Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) talks with Scott Faughn about the “Wieland Caucus” (0:15), breakdown in Senate decorum and trust (2:45), term limits (4:30), pro-life legislation (6:15), congressional redistricting (7:15), Jefferson County executive campaign (8:00); panel of Rep. Tony Lovasco (R), Jim Murphy (R), Bridget Walsh Moore (D) and Carpenters Union’s Mark Dalton on boys playing girls’ sports (13:30), Missouri Department of Labor’s inaction on illegal aliens in Missouri (21:00), who won the week: Mike Kehoe, Rory Rowland, Brian Seitz, Jim Murphy

Missourinet: Better Elections Missouri campaign promotes ranked-choice voting; thoughts from Missouri Republican Partys Nick Myers

SE Missourian: GOP aspirants tout state House candidacies for Wayne Wallingford’s open seat

St. Joseph News-Press: Missouri Senate pushes back against Medicaid expansion (hop over News-Press paywall here)

KBIA: “Health and Wealth Desk,” sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health: Washington University health care policy analyst Timothy McBride criticizes state leaders over Medicaid application wait times

The Missouri Times: Combest: 20 for 20, Part 4 (10/21/21): Missouri media’s top victimhood angle 1H 2022: Missouri expanded Medicaid in 2021, but experts are still “worried”; “Media coverage to include third-party quotes from health care advocacy organizations, ironically overweight health care policy analysts from liberal universities”

KC Star’s Kaitlin Washburn: Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America’s “Missouri Gun Violence Project” sponsored series: Columbia residents fed up with little action on gun violence: More government funding will help fix violence, racism

Missouri Foundation for Health 2020 Annual Report: How purchasing journalism coverage through the Missouri Gun Violence Project helps further our mission

The Missouri Times: Combest, 20 for 20, Part 1 (10/18/21): “In Missouri, look at the successful Missouri Gun Violence Project advocacy journalism collaboration between the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFFH) and the Kansas City Star … You may be surprised how affordable it can be to lock in a 24- or 36-month lease on young reporters to generate content for your company or industry’s cause.”

Missouri Independent: House advances funds for doula training program named after Cora Faith Walker

P-D: Celebrating Tishaura Jones’ first year as St. Louis mayor: Tweeting that Missouri AG Eric Schmitt was “literally trying to kill us”, other high points (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

CDT: Heart of Missouri CASA to dive deep into foster care journey with film at Ragtag Cinema

St. Louis Public Radio: Rep. Sarah Unsicker (D-Shrewsbury) on state budget, sex trafficking, more

SNL: Missouri Department of Conservation: 5 things to remember when hunting for morel mushrooms

CDT op-ed: U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler: America’s future depends on farmers. Here’s how we can combat the Biden Administration’s war on agriculture.

P-D’s Tony Messenger: Medicaid expansion reduces crime, out-of-state researchers say. Will Missouri GOP listen? (hop over Post-Dispatch paywall here)

Missouri Independent’s Tessa Weinberg: LGBTQ protections languish while Missouri lawmakers push transgender sports bans

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