Friday, May 6, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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JCNT: Faithful gather for comfort, direction on National Day of Prayer; thoughts from Gov. Parson, Rep. Sara Walsh (R-Ashland) (get around News-Tribune paywall here)

KC Star’s Daniel Desrochers, Jonathan Shorman and Kacen Bayless: If Missouri’s abortion ban is triggered, showdown over state constitution likely ahead; thoughts from pro-choice and pro-life activists and legislators

KCUR: Up to Date with Steve Kraske: SCOTUS opinion reactions: Four (4) pro-choice guests, zero (0) pro-life guests

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview: Pro-choice advocate/SLU law professor Marcia McCormick to criticize Missouri’s abortion laws; Zero (0) pro-life guests

Fox New: Tucker Carlson show: AG Eric Schmitt discusses his lawsuit against the Biden administration for colluding with big tech

Missouri Independent: Judge grants Eric Greitens access to ex-wife’s phone records in custody case

KC Star: Eric Greitens allowed to pursue ex-wife’s phone records, Missouri judge rules

St. Louis Public Radio: Lawmakers make one last stab at redrawing Missouri’s congressional map

KC Star: Missouri has one week to pass a new congressional map or it may head to the courts

The Missouri Times: Senate Hour by Hour for Thursday, May 5

Missouri Independent: Senate signs off on $3 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds

SNL: MO lawmakers race to approve $2.9 billion of ARPA funding

P-D: Senate floats $500 tax rebate plan for Missourians (get around stltoday paywall here)

Fox 2 St. Louis: Missouri teachers on target to get a pay raise from lawmakers

Columbia Missourian: Senate passes changes to eminent domain, but Grain Belt Express can proceed

Missouri Independent: Senate approves eminent domain changes that won’t kill Grain Belt Express

Columbia Missourian: Capitol improvements would fix handicapped access issues, preserve historic building

SE Missourian’s B Magazine: Cape Girardeau’s Keith Holloway talks about experience on University of Missouri Board of Curators

KCUR: Up to Date with Steve Kraske: A quarter of Missouri school districts teach only four days a week

Missourinet: Cash transport company wrestles with government over medical marijuana money grab; interview with KCUR content creator Dan Margolies

P-D editorial: Ann Wagner right to call conservatives “wacko birds”; most parents are okay with schools’ status quo (get around stltoday paywall here)

JCNT editorial: Missouri lawmakers seek delicate balance with home-based businesses (get around News-Tribune paywall here)

KCUR’s Alex Smith: Poll from progressive D.C. group shows how out of touch Missouri Republicans are on abortion

P-D’s Colleen Schrappen: Young, transgender and targeted in Missouri: Missouri Republicans continue to attack vulnerable youth (get around stltoday paywall here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Watered Garden Ministry’s James Whitford: How offering restaurants through SNAP fails us all

The Missouri Times op-ed: Lauber Municipal Law’s Nathan Nickolaus: Yes, Missouri’s Sunshine Law needs fixing

P-D letter: St. Louis City man says critical race theory is a “right-wing lie” and is not taught in schools (get around stltoday paywall here)

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