Tuesday, May 10, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D’s Michele Munz and Josh Renaud: Cori Bush brings millions in federal earmarks to St. Louis, while most Missouri Republicans take a pass (get around stltoday paywall here)

The Hill: Greitens internal poll shows him leading Missouri GOP race Sen. Josh Hawley blasts ‘scumbags’ threatening Supreme Court justices

St. Louis Public Radio’s Jason Rosenbaum: How Missouri made abortion nearly illegal — and whether it stays that way

St. Louis Public Radio: Pro-choice groups claim surge in donations since SCOTUS leak, won’t provide specifics

KMBC (Kansas City): Legal Missouri 2022, Better Elections Missouri submit petition signatures (link via

P-D: Budget for Missouri’s troubled social service agency called ‘pivotal victory’ (get around stltoday paywall here)

St. Joseph News-Press: Teacher pay increase, tax refunds highlights of state budget (get around St. Joseph News-Press paywall here)

SNL: End of session preview

St. Louis Public Radio: House Minority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) expects statehouse fights on initiative petitions and congressional redistricting this week

AP: Missouri House embraces new congressional redistricting plan

Missouri Independent: Missouri House pushes ahead on last-chance congressional redistricting plan

KC Star: Missouri House approves map that keeps Cleaver’s seat, but fate uncertain in Senate

P-D: Missouri House greenlights new draft congressional map (get around Post-Dispatch paywall here)

Columbia Missourian: Missouri House passes new congressional map that splits Boone County

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri House passes new version of a congressional redistricting map

The Missouri Times: Missouri Senate Hour by Hour for Monday, May 9

Missouri Independent: Voter ID requirement, absentee ballot changes clear Missouri Senate

AP: Missouri Senate OK’s photo ID requirement for voting

The Missouri Times; Bean’s property rights bill passes Senate

JCNT: Legislature’s spending on broadband falls short of governor’s proposal (get around News-Tribune paywall here)

AP: Missouri House axes constitutional change for parent control

SNL: Missouri’s plan to increase teacher pay to $38K raises questions for districts

Missouri Independent: Hopes dwindle that Missouri lawmakers will extend postpartum care for new moms

P-D editorial: Missouri politicians bring home the bacon even if there’s no money to pay for it; Steve Roberts’ primary challenge has a lot to do with Cori Bush promo tour (get around stltoday paywall here)

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: Sports gambling is no great loss (get around St. Joseph News-Press paywall here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Missouri Farm Bureau’s Garrett Hawkins and Missouri Cattlemen’s Association’s Mike Deering: Property rights near win

P-D op-ed: Reps. Barry Hovis (R-Whitewater) and Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette): Right to Repair is an issue all Missourians should be able to agree on (get around stltoday paywall here)

Missouri Independent’s Rebecca Rivas: GOP eyes bill forcing Kansas City to put more money toward police as session nears end

KC Star “Service Journalism Team’s” Natalie Wallington: Don’t worry – Missouri’s abortion ‘trigger’ law doesn’t ban Plan B, birth control or IVF

Missouri Independent op-ed: “Gender non-conforming lesbian” Anne Ogier: Attention Missouri legislators: I know your true motives for sports legislation, so spare me your softball game invites

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