Monday, May 23, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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This Week in Missouri Politics: Panel of David Barklage, Jack Cardetti, Gregg Keller and Rep. Rasheen Aldridge (D-St. Louis City) talk with Scott Faughn about congressional redistricting (0:35), Aldridge on “those kind of white angry protesting liberals” (3:00), Keller on keeping St. Charles County whole (4:00), Aldridge on supporting charter schools (7:00), election integrity (8:00), recreational marijuana legislation (9:00), Cardetti on why Post-Dispatch’s Jack Suntrup should register as a lobbyist (9:10), initiative petition changes (9:55), sports betting (11:50), Jason Bean’s success (12:30), GOP U.S. Senate primary (15:45), Dem U.S. Senate primary (18:15), 4th Congressional District GOP primary (21:30), Cori Bush vs. Steve Roberts (23:15), 7th Congressional District GOP primary (24:55), who won the week: Missouri legislative Democrats, Dave Helling, Jeff Roe, Justin Brown (26:15)

Scott Faughn Twitter poll: So after Dave Helling’s hot-mic criticism of Jack Cardetti last week, was Cardetti’s performance on This Week in Missouri Politics better or worse? (Cast your vote before poll ends at 10 a.m. Central)

St. Louis Public Radio’s Sarah Fentem: SCOTUS fallout: Heroic abortion-clinic escorts endure shouts as they shuttle babies to termination station; Illinois woman says pro-life legislation has forced her to chew toothpicks; Eureka woman says her submissive public cosplay “let(s) the Supreme Court know that I am angry”; other rationalizations

P-D: ‘It would hurt us bad’: The end of Boeing fighter jets would ripple through region (get around stltoday paywall here)

CDT: Redistricting split in Boone County has bipartisan detractors

Fox4 KC/Kansas City Star “4 Star Politics”: KC Star reporter Kacen Bayless on legislative session: “Establishment Republicans” versus “hard-right Conservative Caucus” (13:45), Gov. Parson’s displeasure with GOP infighting (15:00), Gov. Parson’s “non-answer” on KC police funding bill (15:50), sports betting (18:30)

SNL: Election officials scramble to meet deadlines for Missouri‘s August primary

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri is expanding access to summer school this year to address learning loss

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri prisons are banning physical mail and replacing it with photocopies

Missouri Independent: State legislators load up state’s official calendar with awareness days; lawmakers approve special history days for blacks, Hispanics, Indians

P-D editorial: Legislation from Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) would “stalk Missouri women wherever they go” (get around stltoday paywall here)

KC Stars Missouri Gun Violence Project: There’s a large racial disparity in federal gun prosecutions in Missouri

Missouri Foundation for Health 2020 Annual Report: How purchasing journalism coverage through the Missouri Gun Violence Project helps further our mission: Testimonial from KC Star content creator Kaitlin Washburn Sadly, Kansas City Public TV didn’t solve ‘gun conundrum’ because nobody watched

Midwest Newsroom’s Holly Edgell, via KCUR: Missouri Republicans have been targeting transgender student-athletes – and to add insult to injury even held a committee hearing on Ash Wednesday

KC Star’s “Service Journalism Team’s” Joseph Hernandez: How you can stop supporting Missouri puppy mills and start shopping ethically

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