Monday, May 30, 2022 – Memorial Day – Missouri political news headlines

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SNL: Greene County Republicans host U.S. Senate candidate forum tomorrow night

SNL: Fill out the News-Leader elections coverage survey: races you’re watching, issues you care about, freeform section to tell the News-Leader what you think about their coverage

Hannibal Courier-Post: Jay Ashcroft visits Safe at Home program training

KSMU: Some rural Missouri schools have been arming teachers for years

Missouri Independent: Missouri bill banning unauthorized camping raises concerns about criminalizing homelessness

P-D editorial: Appeals court should set the record straight on Greitens’ document destruction (get around stltoday paywall here)

SNL op-ed: Missouri State University assistant sociology professor Kyler Sherman-Wilkins: Missouri gun laws, young white men among those to blame for gun violence

P-D letter: St. Louis City septuagenarian wants Blunt and Hawley to support “reasonable” gun control (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letter: Creve Coeur octogenarian wants Blunt to “end his career a hero” by flip-flopping to support “sensible” gun laws (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letter: St. Louis County septuagenarian complains about guns and Ann Wagner’s congressional website contact form (get around stltoday paywall here)

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