Friday, June 24, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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KCMO (Kansas City): Pete Mundo Show: GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dave Schatz on background and why he’s running (0:45), what sets him apart from opponents (1:45), what “Return to Reaganism” means (3:00), top federal issues (4:00), why he supported gas tax (5:30), Greitens “RINO hunting” ad (7:15)

The Missouri Times: Schatz begins “Return to Reaganism” tour with big ad buy

St. Louis Public Radio: Politically Speaking: Congressman Billy Long touts himself as sure thing for Republican Senate primary voters: thoughts on GOP opponents, Dems’ Jan. 6 production, gun control, energy policy, Ukraine

Politico: Republicans launch “Show Me Values” super PAC to stop Greitens in Missouri; KC native Johnny DeStefano to oversee effort, with TV ads starting today

Washington Post: Greitens’ violent ad sets off GOP scramble to stop his Senate bid; comments from GOP consultants John Hancock and James Harris

St. Louis Public Radio: Greitens ‘RINO Hunting’ ad has led to threats to his ex-wife, attorney says

Missouri Independent: Eric Greitens ‘RINO-hunting’ video incited threats to his ex-wife, lawyer says in court

Columbia Missourian: Eric Greitens’ attorney says supposed ‘threats’ to Sheena Greitens were “vulgar email to her from a pro-choice activist referencing coat hangers” and one tweet “threatening Eric and his family”

KC Star: Sheena Greitens received threats after Eric Greitens’ people-hunting ad, her divorce lawyer claims

AP: Greitens RINO video spurred threats to family, lawyer claims

Missouri Independent: Sheena Greitens documented abuse allegations against ex-husband in 2018

KC Star: Sheena Greitens alleged abuse by former governor in 2018

KC Star: KCPD officer under investigation after Eric Greitens ride along no longer with department; Capt. David Loar is son of liberal Democrat City Councilwoman Teresa Loar

P-D: Trudy Busch Valentine backs $15 minimum wage. Grant’s Farm workers start at $12.

KC Star’s Kynala Phillips: How Missourians can get a gas tax refund; “Out-of-state driver’s [sic]” can file too

The Missouri Times: Gov. Parson signs World Cup bill into law

AP: Gov. Parson signs law exempting World Cup tickets from sales tax

KC Star: World Cup ticket sales in Missouri will be tax free under new state law

Columbia Missourian: Gov. Parson signs bill removing sales tax from 2026 FIFA World Cup tickets

CDT: Mid-Missouri Legal Services seeks to plug ‘gaps’ after budget boost (get around Tribune wall by reading syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

JCNT: Ameren plans to close most of its coal-fired plants by next decade (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

P-D: Ameren aims to build natural gas power plant by 2031 amid push away from coal (get around stltoday paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Ameren Missouri to add more renewable energy and fracked gas – in updated plan; Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Counsel not impressed

SE Missourian editorial: Time for voters to consider their choice for US Senate – as long as it’s not Eric Greitens (get around Southeast Missourian paywall here)

Joplin Globe editorial: The deeper problem with Greitens’ latest ad (get around Joplin Globe paywall here)

JCNT editorial: U.S. Senate primary: Eric Schmitt “beclowns” himself, Vicky Hartzler appeals to bigotry, and Eric Greitens is a coward (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: Missouri lawmakers should consider needs of students, not just teachers’ unions (get around St. Joseph News-Press paywall here)

JCNT op-ed: Discovery Institute’s Chapman Center for Citizen Leadership fellow Debra J. Saunders: Greitens ad the most tasteless ever (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

P-D’s Jess Bogan: Greitens resigned in disgrace. Here’s why he somehow leads in Missouri’s US Senate race. (get around stltoday paywall here)

KC Star’s Lisa Gutierrez: If Roe v. Wade is struck down, treatment for miscarriages will suffer in Missouri

KC Star letters: Lee’s Summit sexagenarian, St. Louis reader upset over Greitens ad

P-D letter: St. Peters septuagenarian says Greitens “fits the role of a Donald Trump supporter perfectly” (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letter: Ballwin septuagenarian offended by Greitens’ and McCloskey’s use of guns (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letter: Ballwin octogenarian thinks ranked-choice voting “sounds more democratic” than traditional voting (get around stltoday paywall here)

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