Monday, August 22, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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SNL’s Galen Bacharier: How the White House says new health care, climate spending bill aids Missouri

SNL’s Galen Bacharier: Report from Moment of Truth Summit in Springfield: Mike Lindell criticized reporters, including me; Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks; organizers exaggerate size of crowd; most attendees white and old; more

This Week in Missouri Politics: Gov. Mike Parson talks with Scott Faughn about the State Fair (0:30), Eric Schmitt’s primary victory (1:30), what he’s looking for in his next attorney general (2:30), MASBDA tax credit legislation (4:00), rural and urban and suburban interests (5:30), more on MASBDA tax credits (7:45), tax cut and Missouri’s economic health (8:50), Conservative Caucus disbanding (11:15), lessons from losing a Senate leadership race (12:15); panel of First Lady Teresa Parson, Ag Director Chris Chinn and Rep. Kurtis Gregory (R-Marshall) on First Lady portrait unveiling (16:30), State Fair success (17:20), MASBDA tax credits and example of economic benefit (18:20), special session agenda (21:00)

Missouri Independent: When initial signature numbers for marijuana petition appeared to fall short, backers asked the Secretary of State’s Office for help

SNL’s Susan Szuch: Missouri “DHHS [sic]” issued 119,894 ‘medical’ marijuana cards to ‘patients’ in 2021

St. Louis Public Radio: First charter school opens in St. Louis County, amidst ongoing controversy

St. Louis Public Radio: Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty criticizes Gov. Parson for upholding confidentiality in Marcellus Williams case

KCUR: In the decade since Kansas City installed a gunshot detection system, homicides only went up; ‘Cancel ShotSpotter’ group says placement of sensors is racist

KWIX FM 92.5/AM 1230 (Mid-Missouri): Missouri dove season begins September 1

CNHI News’ Janelle Stecklein, via Joplin Globe: Missouri, other states “plunged into confusion” thanks to oppressive abortion trigger laws

CNHI News’ Janelle Stecklein, via Joplin Globe: Concern about excessive abortion restrictions is not hyperbole – just look at what Missouri state Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold) tried to do

P-D letter: Parkway South High School student cheers Gov. Parson’s signing of increased funding for Missouri’s tobacco prevention and cessation program (get around stltoday paywall here)

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