Thursday, August 25, 2022 – Missouri political news headlines

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SNL: ‘It’s a handout’: Roy Blunt, Josh Hawley, Eric Schmitt criticize President Biden’s student debt bailout

KC Star “Service Journalism Team’s” Kynala Phillips: Biden’s student loan forgiveness program will help hundreds of thousands of Missourians

KMBC: Kansas City students react to president’s plan for student loan debt; UMKC coed considers free-money plan “amazing!” (link via

Columbia Missourian: MU students share support, concerns for Biden’s debt forgiveness plan

P-D’s Kurt Erickson: California taking necessary steps to ban gas-powered cars, but Republicans like Eric Schmitt are standing in the way; Trudy Busch Valentine campaign ignores questions (get around stltoday paywall here) Bill Maher coming to Kansas City

The Missouri Times: GOP Rep. Bruce DeGroot withdraws from November ballot, joins Curtis Trent’s Senate staff

KC Star: Kansas law enforcement agencies face important choices if Missouri legalizes recreational marijuana

SNL’s Galen Bacharier: Missouri law requiring photo ID to vote, set to take effect Sunday, faces new lawsuit; Comments from Missouri Voter Protection Coalition’s “Denis [sic] Lieberman”

Springfield Daily Citizen: Vote 417 PAC to fight Missouri’s “voter suppression” laws with caterwauler concert, speeches from liberal leaders (get around Springfield Daily Citizen paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Lawsuit seeks to force Jay Ashcroft to begin review of 2024 Missouri initiative petitions

SE Missourian: Local lawmakers back Gov. Parson’s tax cut plan (get around Southeast Missourian paywall here)

The Missouri Times: Democrat pushback on tax cut could set stage for slow-moving special session

P-D: Gov. Parson defends decision not to allow to-go option for summer meals program in Missouri (get around stltoday paywall here)

St. Louis Public Radio: Prostitutes promote “MO-Ho Justice Coalition”, seek donations for abortion tourism fund; “Esmerelda” says she has already terminated two inconvenient would-be children

JCNT: MoDOT considers bus connecting Columbia, Jefferson City (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

JCNT: Missouri has no plans to bring air conditioning to Algoa Correctional Center (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

St. Louis Public Radio: Washington University researchers say next-generation COVID-19 vaccine could come in fall

KC Star “Service Journalism Team’s” Natalie Wallington: Kansas City hospitals fear back-to-school increase in COVID cases – but new vaccines are on the way

KC Star editorial: John Wood quitting Senate race shows Missouri isn’t ready for independent candidates

P-D editorial: When he’s not denouncing masks as ‘ineffective,’ Eric Schmitt sees them as life-saving (get around stltoday paywall here)

Washington Missourian editorial: “Dial 9-8-8” already helping Missourians

P-D op-ed: John Danforth: John Wood was the best choice for U.S. Senate (get around stltoday paywall here)

Columbia Missourian’s David Rosman: Career retrospective: I am longtime friends with Judy Baker, but I too might run in the 2024 Democratic primary for Caleb Rowden’s state Senate seat; also, here are some updates on Yinka Faleti and Chimene Schwach

CDT, 3/19/22: New state Senate lines could set up Stephen Webber vs. Judy Baker Democratic primary: Baker downplays Webber as threat, says former state rep has been out of the picture for years

P-D letter: St. Louis sexagenarian opposes marijuana legalization, says cannabis industry is the next Big Tobacco (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letter: St. Louis man opposes Gov. Parson’s proposed income tax cut, would accept a tax cut on food (get around stltoday paywall here)

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