Monday, January 9, 2023 – Missouri political news headlines

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JCNT: Profile: GOP stalwart and Sen. Lincoln Hough (R-Springfield) Chief of Staff Pat Thomas receives 2023 Legislative Staff Leadership Award from Missouri Chamber of Commerce (get around Jefferson City News Tribune paywall here)

This Week in Missouri Politics: House Speaker Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres), Senate Pro Tem Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia), Senate Superminority Leader John Rizzo (D-Kansas City), House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) talk with Scott Faughn about crime, local control and gun control (0:30), initiative petition changes (4:30), education bills (14:45), post-natal child care (25:30)

Missouri Independent: Profile: Missouri Senate Majority Leader Cindy O’Laughlin (R-Shelbina)

St. Joseph News-Press: Rep. Mazzie Boyd (RHamilton) claims title as one of Missouri Legislature’s youngest members

P-D: Child care woes are rare subject of agreement in Missouri Capitol (get around stltoday paywall here)

SNL: Teacher pay is a priority at the Missouri Capitol, but a plan of action remains unclear

SNL: Ozarks Technical College seeks state funds to expand ag program at Richwood Valley campus

KWIX 92.5FM/1230AM: Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) on firefighting and public safety legislation, Gygr-Gas

SNL: CoxHealth will soon be out-of-network for MO foster care system kids

SE Missourian: MoDOT: Roadway deaths up year-to-year in Southeast District (get around Southeast Missourian paywall here)

St. Louis Public Radio: Syphilis cases in Missouri have jumped 259% in the last few years; “men who have sex with men” especially at risk

P-D: University City’s Le Mell Harlston sentenced for pandemic, bank fraud (get around stltoday paywall here)

Fox4 KC: Kansas City classrooms targeted by COVID-19 study to avoid winter surge (link via

SE Missourian editorial: Recreational marijuana is not good for Missouri, but it’s the reality we face (get around Southeast Missourian paywall here)

P-D editorial: Missouri has sacrificed common-sense gun policy on the altar of ideological extremism (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D editorial: Legal sports betting could be a winner, but only with video gambling reform (get around stltoday paywall here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs): Why I’m running for Speaker of the House

Harvest Public Media and the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk’s Eva Tesfaye: Environmentalists fight back against CAFO industry and Missouri DNR Kansas City Star champions ‘Race & Equity’ reporting amid fading fortunes

KC Star’s Bill Lukitsch: Kansas City Star creates “assistant managing editor for race and equity issues” position; Mará Rose Williams handed job after leading paper’s 2020 whiteness-apology series

KC Star 12/20/20: Editor Mike Fannin: Newspaper offers official apology for 140 years of excessive whiteness; paper debuts “advisory board,” promotes white-guilt series to criticize work of predecessors, will make online access to victimhood-themed stories free for minority zip codes

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confessions: KC Star founder – who died 105 years ago – helped build upscale neighborhoods with restrictive covenants

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confessions: 1920s KC Star reporters did not cover officer-involved shooting fairly

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confessions: 1940s KC Star reporters should have dedicated more coverage to Jackie Robinson, saxophonist Charlie Parker

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confessions: 1950s KC Star reporters should have helped promote race protests, boycotts

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confesssions: 1960s KC Star reporters should have fought harder against KC Schools during desegregation debate

KC Star 12/20/20: Whiteness confesssions: 1970s KC Star reporters focused flood coverage on property damage, should have profiled black victims Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available TODAY in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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