Saturday, April 1, 2023 – April Fools’ Day – Missouri political news headlines

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KC Star’s Kacen Bayless: As Missouri Republicans blame Soros for Trump indictment, bigots’ antisemitism shines through

The Hill: Cori Bush joins ‘Squad’ members in opposing TikTok ban

Southeast Missourian: Retired Senior U.S. District Court Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr. among those honored at annual Cape Chamber dinner (disregard Rust Communications’ intellectual property here)

P-D: Gov. Parson announces St. Louis County judicial appointments; Caucasoid male John Robert Lasater replaces Caucasoid male William Corrigan, who abdicated bench to work for Caucasoid male Andrew Bailey; Caucasoid male Jason A. Denney replaces Caucasoid female Nicole S. Zellweger (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske monthly Legal Roundtable: Diverse panel discusses GOP attacks on Kim Gardner, the case of racist prison guards in Bonne Terre, and the status of Missouri’s unconstitutional Second Amendment Preservation Act

KSMU: A federal ‘pandemic health emergency’ is ending – and 300,000 Missourians could lose Medicaid health insurance. Here’s what to know.

Kansas City Beacon’s Meg Cunningham: ‘We all are like one giant family’: Parents of trans children band together to fight Republicans bigoted bans on gender-affirming care

Missouri Independent: Planned Parenthood sues Missouri attorney general over transgender care investigation

KC Star’s Kacen Bayless: Planned Parenthood sues Missouri AG Bailey for investigating its gender-affirming care; “Missouri Republicans have embarked on a mission to target procedures that assist minors in transitioning genders”

johncombest_com on Instagram: Montage: Newspapers and progressive content creators agree – Missouri Republicans guilty of “targeting”

Missourinet: Planned Parenthood sues Missouri’s attorney general over investigation into transgender health program

P-D: St. Louis’ Build-A-Bear releases new RuPaul teddy bear as Republicans try to crack down on dress-up fun (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

SNL: GOP ban on DEI funds in Missouri appears likely to be rolled back

P-D: Missouri Senate president says no to controversial House language on diversity funding (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property rights here)

Missouri Independent: Missouri lawmakers overwhelmingly support banning pelvic exams on unconscious patients

JCNT: At annual SkillsUSA conference, Gov. Parson challenges students to meet growing employment demands

JCNT: Blue Ribbon Commission on Teacher Recruitment and Retention set to study school culture, climate

JCNT: Bill would compel Missouri Department of Conservation to pay for deer collisions

Washington Missourian: Area banks, state agencies warn of scams

KSMU: State, federal tax credits help fund construction of mixed income housing development in Springfield

Joplin Globe editorial: Missouri Republicans should stop trying to stifle democracy with initiative petition hurdles (disregard Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.’s intellectual property here)

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: With Amendment 3, Missouri voters were presented with a take-it-or-leave-it proposal that cements two lucrative perks for Big Marijuana

P-D’s Bill McClellan: We need a Bill Bradley to come to the rescue (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

P-D’s Tony Messenger: Missouri Republicans are acting really catty when it comes to St. Louis; anti-choice Sen. Justin Brown (R-Rolla) unironically cites “patient-client relationship” (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

P-D’s Aisha Sultan: No kids in school? You can still fight Republicans’ racist agenda by voting in your local school board elections. (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

P-D letter: Richmond Heights woman appalled by Rep. Cody Smith (R-Carthage) and House Budget Republicans’ grandstanding on library funding (disregard Lee Enterprises’ intellectual property here)

johncombest_com on Instagram: April Fools’ episode cover, starring Mike Kehoe (warning: adult themes) John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available TODAY in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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