Sunday, May 7, 2023 – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D: Work at Jana Elementary site to ramp up before Coldwater Creek contamination cleanup begins (get around stltoday paywall here)

Columbia Missourian: Hero profile: Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia)

Columbia Missourian: Lawmakers approve historic rebuild of I-70 across Missouri Missouri GOP demands more than one year moratorium on Kansas City landfill

Missourinet: Missouri Legislature passes public health package

Missourinet: Missouri Senate considering corrections omnibus bill

JCNT: State declining federal funds for Rock Island trail

Fox4 KC: Missouri cannabis expungements likely to miss constitutional deadlines (link via

NPR’s Kelsey Snell: Missouri, other state legislatures push bills “targeting education, transgender and LGBTQ rights, housing policy, gun rights and policing

KC Star’s Kacen Bayless and Jonathan Shorman: ‘It’s not a safe situation’: Transgender Kansas Citians’ rights under attack from two states; 44-year-old KC man fears he won’t be able to use women’s restroom, threatens to move to California; KC doctor “who uses they/them pronouns” says it knows 7 transgenders who plan to flee Missouri; more (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here) Amid urban homicide crisis: Kansas City Star claims trans safety in jeopardy

P-D’s Erin Heffernan, Katie Kull, and Taylor Tiamoyo Harris: Kim Gardner promised to deliver criminal justice reform in St. Louis. Where did it all go wrong? (get around stltoday paywall here)

JCNT: Missouri courts updating redaction process

JCNT: Inmate, family allege medical abuse at Missouri Department of Corrections’ Tipton Correctional Center

JCNT editorial: Missouri Legislature seizes an opportunity by extending postpartum Medicaid coverage

St. Joseph News-Press editorial: Protecting girls’ sports probably doesn’t deserve a special session – but protecting minors from transgender surgeries and hormone blockers is another matter

KC Star op-ed: Kansas State University professor: If Josh Hawley wants to shield Social Security, it comes at a price (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

P-D’s Kevin McDermott: Thoughts on Missouri’s “forced-birth zealots” and Trudy Busch Valentine campaign star Mylissa Farmer (get around stltoday paywall here)

P-D letters: St. Charles man criticizes Andrew Bailey for taking Torch Electronics contributions; St. Louis City octogenarian says P-D editorial page is her favorite section of the newspaper, praises anti-GOP op-ed (get around stltoday paywall here)

SNL letter: Springfield woman defends boys playing girls’ sports, criticizes Legislature and Gov. Parson for “target(ing) a handful of students” and “target(ing) them in a cruel way” John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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