Wednesday, August 9, 2023 – Missouri political news headlines

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KSDK: U.S. energy secretary makes private visit to Weldon Spring site

KSDK’s Mark Maxwell on Twitter: U.S. Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm thanks Cori Bush for voting for bill she voted against; Bush attempts explanation

P-D: Energy secretary touts plan to produce electric vehicle component in St. Louis (get around stltoday paywall here)

Missouri Independent: Energy secretary stops short of endorsing atomic waste victims fund in Missouri visit

93.9 The Eagle: Wake Up Mid-Missouri on YouTube with Branden Rathert, Stephanie Bell, Brian Hauswirth, Hannah Adkisson, and John Marsh: John Combest in studio chatting about NBC reporter vs. DeSantis (2:09:30); Missouri advocacy journalism (2:10:30); overview of Missouri Times piece (2:12:00); St. Louis Public Radio’s diversity ceiling (2:13:00); TV coverage and the challenge with syndicated stories (2:14:30); the 1990s versions of Instagram and Nextdoor (2:18:30); supporting local objective and conservative media (2:19:45); the question Jay Ashcroft and other gov candidates should answer about Tyson job losses (2:28:30); media literacy and ridiculous partisan misinformation (2:37:30); upside of social media fact-checkers (2:39:15); Scott Faughn’s copyrighted “Facebook warriors” (2:39:45); the most ridiculous notion from the Trump Administration (2:41:14); praise for the Missouri Independent’s Rudi Keller (2:43:15); why everyone should be thankful Bill Eigel is running for governor (2:46:05); liberal buzzwords (2:46:45); more Combest Nukes ‘Nonprofit’ Journalism

The Missouri Times op-ed (yesterday): Combest: How I learned to stop worrying and love the media

Chain reaction of positivity: GOP stalwart Pat Thomas will help Mizzou College Republicans with upcoming statewide event John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

KWTO: The Elijah Haahr Show: Ellinger Bell’s Stephanie Bell gives abortion lawsuit overview (-13:00); how lawsuits are commonplace and “part of the game” (-12:00); why word choices matter (-10:45); what the new challenge is all about (-9:55); which lawsuit we should expect next (- 4:50); more

SNL: New lawsuit challenges estimated costs of reinstating abortion rights in Missouri

P-D: Missouri Department of Economic Development confirms talks with Boeing about tax incentives; Boeing rep suggests company may choose another location if St. Louis County officials don’t meet demands (get around stltoday paywall here)

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri hopes tax credits for internships and apprenticeships will grow and retain young talent

Missourinet: Renewed push for child care tax credits next year; comments from Rep. Brenda Shields (R-St. Joseph), United WE’s Wendy Doyle

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis on the Air: Missouri librarians express concern over ‘vague’ language in Ashcroft’s new state rule

St. Louis Public Radio “race, identity & culture” content creator Andrea Henderson: “Progressive National Baptist Convention” to hold gun-control rally today; Mayor Tishaura Jones signed gun-control bills last week

KSDK’s Mark Maxwell (7/6/23): Jones says Chicago’s strict gun laws don’t deter violence

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles: Ohio voters reject measure making constitutional changes harder; Missouri Republicans “pushing a similar measure to block the possibility of voters enshrining abortion access in the state constitution”

JCNT: MoDOT identifies Highway 50 intersection as high priority need

P-D: Spire Missouri names Stephen Mills as its new president (get around stltoday paywall here)

SNL: Rcreational marijuana sales tax receives strong voter approval

P-D editorial: Giuliani effectively acknowledges he committed perjury before Missouri lawmakers (get around stltoday paywall here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: Missouri Corn Growers Association CEO Bradley Schad: EPA’s vehicle emissions rules will be a disaster for farmers

KC Star op-ed: Larry Bradley: The benefits of ranked-choice voting

Missouri Independent op-ed: The 74’s Kevin Mahnken: St. Louis Public Schools looks to brand-new leadership to overcome decades of academic failure

KCUR’s Nomin Ujiyediin: Missouri’s latest execution raises questions about the legal system

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