Tuesday, October 31, 2023 – Missouri political news headlines

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Fox News: Cori Bush’s husband confronted over the thousands in cash he has received from her campaign; Cortney Merritts appears to tell videographer he does not have a role with campaign before backtracking

St. Louis Public Radio’s Jason Rosenbaum: Wesley Bell drops U.S. Senate run, challenges incumbent Rep. Cori Bush for House seat

KSDK (St. Louis): Wesley Bell drops his Senate bid to challenge Cori Bush for Congress

KC Star: Democrat Wesley Bell drops out of Missouri Senate race, challenges Cori Bush for House seat

Missouri Independent: Wesley Bell drops out of Senate race, jumps into primary against Democrat Cori Bush

P-D: Wesley Bell to challenge Cori Bush for 1st Congressional District seat

The Hill: Democrat drops out of Missouri Senate race, challenges Cori Bush for House seat

Politico: Cori Bush’s campaign shrugs off Democratic primary challenge

johncombest_com on Instagram: Reel: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out featuring Cori Bush and Wesley Bell

Brownfield Ag News: University of Missouri’s Scott Brown on importance of federal farm bill extension

KWTO (Springfield): U.S. Rep. Eric Burlison on meeting new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson years ago (-13:15); why Johnson’s selection was unique (-9:00); how he handled reimbursements as a member of the Missouri House (-8:30); why Dean Plocher’s Fireside contract issue is a bigger deal than reiumbursements (-7:30); Democrats’ approach to undermining Johnson (-6:25); appropriations bills and cutting “woke expenditures” (-5:25); how he handled a tele-town hall troll (-2:40)

Combest book: “(Protagonist) didn’t mind being criticized for (their) political views … (they) knew that politics was a rough-and-tumble business. But these attacks were more about personality than policy.” – page 8

Southeast Missourian: Local lawmakers withholding judgement on Plocher case

St. Joseph News-Press: Crystal Quade visits St. Joseph; House Superminority Leader joined by two candidates seeking to fill Democratic ballot slots for Reps. Pouche and Falkner re-elections

93.9 The Eagle (Mid-Missouri): Rowden, Hoskins clash again over sports wagering

93.9 The Eagle: Wake Up Mid-Missouri on YouTube: Caleb Rowden on most recent Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) buzz (1:08:45); Rowden’s response to Denny Hoskins’ response to Rowden on VLTs and casinos (1:10:30); initiative petition changes (1:12:40); critical race theory in Missouri schools (1:13:40); why he decided to run for secretary of state (1:14:30); praise for Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe (1:16:00); Jay Ashcroft meddling in legislation and testifying too often (1:16:30); Dean Plocher’s mistakes (1:18:15); upcoming Senate Republican Caucus shindig in Branson (1:19:15); serious senators versus those who prefer “full frontal assault and warfare” (1:20:15)

Missourinet: Caleb Rowden says he’ll run a positive campaign: “I’m not going into it in an adversarial manner”

Missourinet: Attempts to make some abortions legal again make it back to a Missouri courtroom

Fox 2 St. Louis: Three-judge panel hears arguments regarding abortion ballot language

Missouri Independent: Appeals court hears arguments over ballot title for Missouri abortion amendment

P-D: Missouri appeals court hears arguments over abortion ballot language

KWTO: Uncommon Sense with Cass Bowen Anderson: Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove) on her donkey named Ronald Reagan (-20:45); Sarah Huckabee Sanders protecting the word “woman” (-18:00); Bowen Anderson on LGBTQIA “plus question mark pound sign” “alphabet mafia”, “blue-haired feminist feminazis” and “Frankenstein-like chop shop versions” of women (-16:45); Rep. Kelly on social-emotional learning (-10:20); America is a Christian nation and built on the premise of small government (-8:00); importance of staying focused and moving in positive direction (-5:00); campaign for state Senate in 2026 (-2:15)

Columbia Missourian: Bryce Beal announces campaign for House District 44; 25-year-old assistant attorney general will take on John Martin in GOP primary

93.9 The Eagle: Wake Up Mid-Missouri: Missouri Young Republicans Chairman Frank Catanzaro on early October Eigel vs. Ashcroft BBQ brouhaha and audience heckling Eigel (2:08:15); overview of Young Republicans organization and mission (2:09:30); election security (2:12:30); presidential primary (2:13:30); how to get involved (2:16:15)

St. Louis Public Radio: Gov. Parson selects Ginger Gooch for Supreme Court, making Missouri’s highest court majority female

JCNT: Gov. Parson elevates appellate judge to high court

The Missouri Times: Governor Parson appoints Ginger Gooch to Missouri Supreme Court

SNL: Ginger Gooch appointed to Missouri Supreme Court

Southeast Missourian: Supreme Court of Missouri Chief Justice Mary Russell visits Cape Central High School

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis City has no plan if 1% earnings tax is eliminated

Washington Missourian: State Treasurer Vivek Malek to discuss MOBUCKS program at Washington Area Chamber of Commerce

KCUR: Kansas City Public Schools’ Head Start Director Michelle Pendzimas complains about public transit, wants more money

KC Star: 63K people moved to Missouri last year; top contributors was Kansas, followed by Illinois and foreigners (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

P-D: Strike ends for GM workers in Wentzville with ‘stunning’ deal

NPR, via St. Louis Public Radio: UAW, who represents Wentzville’s GM plant workers, reaches a tentative deal

KCUR: Kansas City dispensary workers win union vote as Missouri’s marijuana industry grows

Washington Missourian: St. Clair man charged in January 6 riots at U.S. Capitol

KRES/KWIX (Moberly): Missouri Department of Conservation offers volunteer opportunities for aspiring conservation agents

KCUR’s Noah Taborda: Missouri officials want ‘dangerous’ abortions wording restored to summary of ballot measure; “Ashcroft is appealing a decision by Judge John [sic] Beetem”

KCUR’s Noah Taborda (8/3/23): Public scrutiny and political backlash have left Kansas City health departments in a tough spot; Missouri doesn’t spend enough on public health funding, and Missouri legislators are preventing health care workers from doing their jobs

KCUR’s Noah Taborda (5/8/23): Missouri Legislature “trying to prevent anti-racism training for health care providers”; states should subsidize “culturally-competent doulas that reflect the communities they serve”

KCUR”s Noah Taborda (11/17/22): Still a chance for another COVID-19 spike; thoughts from “DHHS’s [sic] state epidemiologist” George Turabelidze; woman who chooses to work as “chief emergency management officer” at hospital finds her job to be “exhausting” KCUR pushes theory that KCPD planted gun in report on Black Archives John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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