Thursday, November 2, 2023 – Missouri political news headlines

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The Hill: Hawley, DHS Secretary Mayorkas get personal at hearing

P-D: St. Louis-area Jewish leaders call on Cori Bush to ‘stop this incendiary language’

johncombest_com on Instagram: Three’s Company starring Cori Bush, Wesley Bell, Brian Williams and a special featured guest

P-D: BJC reached a deal with a new Obamacare carrier. Here is what patients need to know.

KCTV: Jay Ashcroft implies he’d ‘have to quit’ if voters pass abortion rights (link via

KWTO (Springfield): The Elijah Haahr Show featuring Joelle Cannon: Sen. Holly Thompson Rehder (R-Scott City) on why she’s running for lieutenant governor (-14:45); why she’s holding her tongue on Dean Plocher (-12:35); success in protecting women’s sports (-12:00); Legislature’s role in managing Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) (-9:30); 2024 legislative priorities, including focus on sex trafficking and expected pushback on foster care legislation (-8:15); why she enjoys the campaign trail (-5:45); being a serious legislator and not a seat-warmer (-4:55); pro-gun and pro-life track record (-3:55); update on her book, Cinder Girl (-2:45) Holly Thompson Rehder: Cinder Girl: Growing Up on America’s Fringe

This Week in Missouri Politics Mid-Week Update: Rep. Jeff Knight (R-Lebanon) talks with Scott Faughn about Donald Trump’s popularity (1:45); Kehoe’s advantages over Jay Ashcroft (4:15); thoughts on Fireside constituent relationship management software (6:15); campaign expense reimbursements (10:15); Dana Rademan Miller, Kenny Ross and Ethics Committee inquiry (14:15); predicted outcome of Plocher saga (19:15); Indian casino prospects (27:30); superiority of Courtyard by Marriott (32:00)

Jason Rosenbaum’s “On the Trail” campaign column: Pro-life groups mull whether legalization should be on August or November ballot

SNL’s Greta Cross: Event promo: Come support the LGBTQ community’s Black Tie event; how to participate in live silent auction

SNL’s Greta Cross (9/26/23): Event promo: Art museum’s new exhibit addresses decades-long LGBTQ blood ban; sculpture features actual blood “from 59 gay, bisexual and transgender men”

Springfield News-Leader (5/13/23): Congratulations to our Greta Cross for winning Missouri Press Association award; content creator says she’s proud of expanding promotion of LGBTQIA+ community, is currently working on a podcast celebrating rural Missouri drag shows

Politically Speaking: Rep. Adam Schwadron (RSt. Charles) wants it to be harder to amend Missouri voter-approved statute changes

Southeast Missourian: Wayne Wallingford makes Missouri Vets HOF

Missourinet: After seven years at the helm, Anne Precythe retiring from Missouri Department of Corrections

P-D: Missouri’s prison chief leaving after nearly seven years

JCNT: Missouri prison director to retire

Missourinet: MoDOT facing major staffing shortages as winter approaches

Missourinet: Judge sides with state commission in fight over MoDOT pay raises

Missouri Independent: Judge approves pay raise plan for Missouri transportation agency workers

Missouri Independent: Missouri rolls back part of its cannabis product recall

Midwest Newsroom’s Kavahn Mansouri and St. Louis Public Radio’s Kate Grumke: Hazelwood School District defends taxpayers from “educational larceny,” catches parents lying about residency

St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis County will freeze senior citizen property taxes

P-D: Senior property tax break becomes law in St. Louis County

KC Star: ‘It’s wiping our kids out.’ How fentanyl has killed hundreds in the Kansas City area

Springfield News-Leader: News-Leader ditching delivery system, will resort to USPS; Gannett veep, News-Leader editor-in-chief attempt optimistic rationalization

Joplin Globe editorial: Congrats to Missouri’s Silver Haired Legislature on 50 years of advocating for olds

P-D editorial: To achieve “modest, rational” gun control, Missourians must send “a saner delegation” to Jefferson City; even Republican Sen. Roy Blunt moderated his position on gun laws last year archives: Search tag: journalists treating Roy Blunt fairly after he announced retirement

KC Star’s Joel Mathis: Josh Hawley versus Citizens United: Great, but what game is he really playing? (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

Kaiser Family Foundation op-ed: Samantha Liss and others: Medicaid ‘unwinding’ breeds chaos in Missouri, other states

Washington Missourian letter: Pacific octogenarian – who lost 2014 state rep race in 36-point nailbiter – lists grievances with Ann Wagner, says congresswoman should step down for “someone younger” John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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