Wednesday, January 31, 2024 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Louis Public Radio: U.S. Justice Department investigating Rep. Cori Bush over spending on security

Fox News: Cori Bush under Justice Department investigation over alleged misuse of security funds

CNN: Justice Department investigating Democratic Rep. Cori Bush for misuse of funds, sources say

USA Today: Cori Bush faces Justice Department investigation over personal security spending

NPR: Rep. Cori Bush is under investigation after hiring husband as security

States Newsroom, via Missouri Independent: Cori Bush denies using tax dollars for personal security as DOJ investigates

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri landlords who received big COVID federal relief funds left tenants high and dry

St. Louis Public Radio: Jean Carnahan, Missouri’s first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate, dies at 90

AP: Former U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan, the first woman to represent Missouri in the Senate, has died at 90

P-D: Jean Carnahan, former US senator and first lady of Missouri, dead at 90 (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

This Week in Missouri Politics Mid-Week Update: Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) talks with Scott Faughn about why Freedom Caucus chose to delay gubernatorial appointments (0:20); initiative petition legislation moving forward (1:15); Moon and Hegeman (4:00); reading bills (7:30); single-subject bills (10:00); path forward for initiative petition changes and Missouri Realtors (12:30); abortion petition and effect on November elections (15:00); whether or not the Missouri Freedom Caucus is run out of D.C. (19:00); being “lied to and misled too many times” (23:45); FRA and Planned Parenthood (27:00); concurrent majority (33:45); gun-grabber groups planning to use IP process (38:15); education legislation (39:30): relationship with Gov. Parson (41:55); lessons from the Senate he’d take to the governor’s office (44:30); secretary of state race (45:30); Chiefs-49ers prediction (47:00) Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Tuesday morning segments: St. Louis City earnings tax, GOP caucus trainings, Denny Hoskins on TWMP Mid-Week Update (Segment A, 1:20); female kissing assault and Morganna the Kissing Bandit (Segment A, 9:00); how lovers kill attraction and build resentment (Segment A, 13:30); St. Louis Lambert Airport study built on make-believe Boeing and Bayer numbers, and the tough spot Carnahan confidant Tony Wyche is in (Segment B, 9:00); how a $200,000 sculpture will save North St. Louis City (Segment C, 1:30) Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Wednesday morning segments: psilocybin (magic mushroom!) legislation, Denny Hoskins on This Week in Missouri Politics, and the DOJ investigating Cori Bush (Segment A); the Missouri Ethics Commission as a rare helpful agency (Segment A); Jean Carnahan passing, the Mel Carnahan crash story and initiative petitions (Segment B)

Columbia Missourian: Conservative, liberal rallies at Capitol highlight fight on initiative petition bills

JCNT: Capitol rallies illustrate divide over initiative reform

Missouri Independent: Deal on initiative petition changes, Gov. Parson appointees ends overnight Missouri Senate filibuster

St. Louis Public Radio: Missouri Senate approves governor’s appointments after nearly 16-hour filibuster

Columbia Missourian: House backs open public school enrollment again

JCNT: Missouri House gives initial approval to public school transfer bill

P-D: Should a home address decide a child’s public school? Some state lawmakers say no. (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Missouri Independent: Open enrollment legislation wins initial approval in Missouri House

Missouri Independent: Debate over psychedelic therapy returns to Missouri General Assembly

JCNT: Bills target unaccredited veterans benefits consulting, medals

JCNT: MOBUCK$ expansion bill approved in committee

P-D: St. Louis City gets partial win in fight over Republican-backed police ‘bill of rights’ (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Kansas City Beacon: Celebratory gunfire after Chiefs games is getting worse

P-D: Rep. Gretchen Bangert (D-Florissant) announces bid for St. Louis County Council (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Columbia Missourian: Ameren Missouri proposes $205 million energy efficiency plan

Columbia Missourian: Boone County COVID-19 cases fall

St. Louis Public Radio’s St. Louis on the Air: St. Louis area COVID czar Alex Garza acknowledges pandemic’s end, says institutions would benefit from focusing less on health care and more on “(j)obs, education, access to health care, better food, better transportation”

The Missouri Times op-ed: Lane Koch Missouri delegation should support bipartisan legislation adding more direct flights from Missouri to D.C.

P-D letter: St. Louis sexagenarian supports “reproductive freedom,” opposes initiative petition changes (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here) John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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